SOS DUO FLAVOR: Rice with chicken and mushrooms

The leading rice brand on the market in Spain, Arroz SOS, recently launched a new recipe for its SOS DUO FLAVOR rice product with chicken and mushrooms.

SOS DUO SABOR Rice with chicken and mushrooms (3)
The new of SOS DUO FLAVOR of chicken and mushrooms This is a complete meal that is cooked in just two minutes in the microwave.

Available in individual format, two cups 125gr, one made of white rice and the other with the new recipe of diced chicken with mushrooms and a light cream-based sauce flavored with extra virgin olive oil and without preservatives or artificial colors.

Chicken and mushrooms DUO It is specially designed to meet the needs of consumers who do not have time to cook, but who do not want to give up the taste of a whole dish, with the usual recipes and the quality of rice SOS.

The Chicken and mushrooms DUO joins the three recipes you currently have DUO SOS FLAVOR: Chicken curry with white rice,, Ratatouille with chicken and white rice,, Tuna with tomato and white rice.

But come on, Chicken and mushrooms DUO As a last resort, it is not bad, much better if we prepare it ourselves at home.

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And I do not say it after comparing the picture on the package (1st and 3rd) and the final product (2nd). Rather, because the development of a rice with chicken and mushrooms and a light cream-based sauce seasoned with extra virgin olive oil (no preservatives or artificial colors) will only take us 20 minutes to do so.

If not, take the test …

Now is your time.
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