Smoothie, a 100% natural drink full of nutrients


Smoothie is a creamy drink made with 100% natural fruits, vegetables or greens that can be mixed with dairy products, ice and ice cream of all kinds. One of the most popular smoothies is Green Smoothies. Green smoothie is therefore a smoothie made from fruits and / or green vegetables. A cleansing drink that is usually taken to replace food.

Smoothie recipes

With the arrival of good weather, we usually adapt our diet to the products offered by the new season. And there are many ingredients that go into our closet or refrigerator. Vegetables, vegetables and above all colored fruits make our diet much healthier.

Fresh products that we usually taste in juices and smoothies, to the delight of the palate and the gratitude of our body. These fruit juices or smoothies, which we usually make with yogurt or ice cream, are known in the United States as Disturb or embarrass.

¿And what a mess? Well, it’s basically a creamy, soft drink made from pieces and fruit juices, concentrated or frozen, traditionally mixed with dairy products, ice cream or ice cream.

This drink, which originally became fashionable in the 1960s in the United States when a boom in favor of healthy eating, vegetarianism and macrobiotic nutrition began, usually peaked in the summer due to the fact that a large part of the population way to carry a healthy diet this season.

Whatever the reason, there are / we are many who enjoy a variety of delicious smoothies during breakfast, snack or, why not, as a supplement to lunch or dinner.

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What we need to be aware of is that authentically embarrassed It is made from a mixture of fruits or vegetables, fresh or frozen, crushed or mixed during consumption. The result is a 100% natural drink full of nutrients and vitamins. And like all these drinks, the elapsed time of its production leads to the loss of its properties, while it changes to a sadder and more dull color. For this reason, it is advisable to take a freshly prepared smoothie.

Smoothie, a natural drink

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But as with all types of drinks and juices, the market we find, in addition to 100% natural smoothieOthers of the industrial type, to which various juices are added, made from dehydrated or concentrated, to which chemical vitamins are added to compensate for the lack of natural vitamins. This mixture is pasteurized and packaged to last longer on the market.

Yes, it is true that there are shops, bars and restaurants that offer 100% natural smoothies, but like those made at home, there are none. And now that we have all kinds of fruits and vegetables in our stores and vegetables, we can choose an infinite number of ways when it comes to enjoying and tasting smoothies.


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