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Smoked plums with pine, pine nuts, sea dill, blackberries, pine nut emulsion and crushed pepper

Gad Sergio, from the restaurant Santander The Jewish house harmonizes in this dish the iodized tones of the cockles, the delicious texture and aroma of pine nuts and the acidity of raspberries. Perfect offer when summer starts to end.

Chef: Sergio Bastard

Sergio Bastard is one of those restless chefs who, true to their gastronomic vision and identity, do not stop in their desire to improve in all aspects of the offer of his restaurant.


  • Salt on flakes c / s
  • 1 kg of drink
  • For the cockles
  • 4 tablespoons raw cedar nuts
  • Other ingredients
  • hit black pepper
  • 8 blackberries
  • bunch of sea dill
  • 100 g Raw cedar nuts
  • Extra virgin olive oil c / s
  • For the pine nut emulsion


For smoked pine swings:

  1. Immerse the flakes in boiling water for 10 seconds and remove them before opening the shell. Finish the opening with a knife (or place them in a vacuum bag for 1 minute at 65 ° C)
  2. Clean and smoke with a pine bed. If you have a smoker, so much the better.

For the pine nut emulsion:

  1. Place the pine nuts in a glass, freeze and stir several times until the paste is emulsified with the fat itself.

For the other ingredients:

  1. Cut the blackberries into quarters
  2. Cut the sea dill
  3. Stew the pine nuts

Presentation (Place the plate in front of the diner):

  1. Put a base of sauteed pine nuts, which give texture to the dish
  2. Pine nut emulsion, which provides fat, intensity and smoothness
  3. Put blackberries, which add a touch of acidity and a little sweetness
  4. The cockles, filled with water, will give the taste of the sea, salinity, the essence of the dish
  5. Complete with sea dill, which adds lemon touches
  6. Finish by breaking a little pepper, which gives a light balsamic touch
  7. Finally a little olive oil.


I will see you on another recipe.
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