Silicone and neoprene gloves to avoid burns from Lékué


Lékué expands its catalog with new security tools.

Lékué neoprene collection
To the wide catalog of kitchen utensils sold by the Lékué brand, such as steam box, decopen, pastry molds, sandwich lids, egg cookers, cutlery / sushi sticks or preservative of aromatic herbs, today we show you some other utensils designed for our protection during cooking such as gloves without gloves or tweezers, made in neoprene.

These Lékué protection tools They are made with unique and innovative materials of the brand such as silicone or neoprene, which together with their engraving on the surface, enhance their safety by preventing the penetration of heat and reaching our hands.

As with most products, Lékué neoprene collection (composed of pizzas, gloves and multifunctional protectors), it is made to make our life in the kitchen easier, as after use it can be stored anywhere in our kitchen and, if soiled, placed in the dishwasher.

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And as always, the neoprene collection has all the guarantees and security of Lékué.

Silicone and neoprene glove

Silicone and neoprene gloves so you don’t get burned. Take the tubs out of the oven without fear of getting burned! The glove is designed for your safety and comfort. Grabbing hot pans, pots or pans is now safe.

Manufacturer: ЛЭКУЭ



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