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Seafood pizza with plankton

Luis Dominguez Rodriguez, chef of the Aponiente restaurant, won the prize of VII bites of cheese from the Lactalis Contest in Madrid Fusión 2017. Prescription gourmet, characterized by a more gastronomic point of view of this universal dish.


  • Garlic flowers 3 units
  • Flakes c / s
  • Plankton c / s
  • Galbani Parmesan 350 gr
  • Fried tomato 100 g
  • Basil c / s
  • Dried oregano c / s
  • Fumet Fumet c / s
  • Mussels 6 units
  • Cockles 6 units
  • Black olive 3 units
  • Shrimp 10 units
  • Sea fennel c / s


About the base

  1. Place the grated Parmesan cheese with a microplane in a metal ring of the desired size, on a baking sheet covered with silpat.
  2. Spread a layer of about 0.5 cm over the entire surface, sprinkle some oregano on top. Bake at 200º for about 6 minutes, so that all the cheese melts completely and becomes crispy when cooled.

For tomatoes

  1. Stew the tomatoes and mash with basil, add to the salt and keep in sleeves.

Mussels and plums

  1. Open the steamed mussels and hot peppers with the broth and cool quickly in return sea water.
  2. Keep cool.


  1. Cook the shrimp in seawater and cool them quickly to reduce cooking in reverse seawater.
  2. Reserve.

Black olives

  1. Cut into thin slices and keep.


  1. Discard the powdered plankton and connect some plankton.


  1. Arrange a few points of tomato with basil on our crispy Parmesan base.
  2. Arrange harmoniously, mussels, peels, black olive slices, boiled shrimp, garlic flowers, tied plankton bundles, sea dill, finish by touching salted flakes and sprinkle a little plankton powder on top, place each ingredient so that in each bite we all have it together.
  3. Taste with your hand in a few bites.


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