Sea bream in orange sauce


This recipe for Dorada in orange sauce, we prepare it at home when we can, as it is a sophisticated way to cook fish with a bitter touch.

Recipe for Dorada in orange sauce

Although valid for any type of fish, such as salmon or sea bass, sea ​​bream in orange sauce perhaps the most famous.

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Sea bream in orange sauce

Sea bream in orange sauce

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  1. When we go to buy bream, we ask the fishmonger to open it in half and remove the central backbone, leaving two fillets.

  2. At home, in our kitchen, we clean with a towel and season the bream fillets.

  3. We prepare juice with oranges and reserve.

  4. In a pan, with a few drops of olive oil, spread onions and leeks, cut into very thin strips.

  5. We include bream. Brown for a few minutes on both sides and add the orange juice.

  6. If we check if the orange juice is not very sweet, we can add a tablespoon of sugar to sweeten it.

  7. Allow it to cut and serve the bream in a hot orange sauce with salad.


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