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Guilt, the latest book by chef Santi Santamaria, The Naked Kitchen, which unleashed the wrath of almost the entire union.

Not in his worst dreams could chef Santi Santamaria have imagined what would happen to him today (or yes) at a meeting that the French hotel group “Relais & Chateux”It is held in Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).

180 people were invited to the meeting, including Santamaria himself, with whom he is a partner, but many of these guests refused to attend the meeting.

Both Juan Marie Arzak and Martin Berasategui, nor other Spanish chefs whose establishments are associated with “Relais & ChateauxThey were in Seville because of the presence of Santi Santamaria and his criticism of Ferran Adria.

Hotel group president Jaume Tapis explained to reporters what had happened and confirmed that the controversy raised by the book Naked Kitchen should remain in Spain so that there is no international translation.

“We need to reduce tensions to find solutions,” said Tapis, who also called on some chefs to remain “calm and patient” and others to have “respect and calm” because this “pathetic story” is “military media.” which should have no reinforcement in the English or French media.

Tapis did not want to comment on the controversy, as it was caused by a book by Santamaria, which was published on May 27, and therefore did not know its contents.

Asked by reporters if Santamaria’s views could lead to his expulsion from Relais & Chateaux, Tàpies said they would decide to remove someone from the group only if it was found that there were insults and lack of respect for other members, which did not has even managed to check, he pointed out.

The group’s meeting in Seville aims to support the initiative to declare French cuisine an intangible asset on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The French delegate for this purpose, Pierre Saner, said he did not want to intervene in the dispute, and said that there was also a debate in France between traditional and modern chefs, although it lacked the virulence of Spain “because we do not have Adria there”, he said. .

Added to this is the statement made by the Association of Chefs Euro-Toques Spain for the book, chaired by Pedro Subijana, in which they say they have been criticized by Santamaria’s criticism of avant-garde cuisine, saying it uses products. Toxic substances such as methylcellulose have created a “social alarm for uncalculated consequences”.

The chefs, who demonstrate their outrage at this “very serious accusation” in a statement, defend that the new gelling agents, thickeners and other ingredients have all the legal and health guarantees, as they are products that have been used in our daily diet since before. many years. They therefore consider that these statements are merely an attempt to “rob all the achievements made in recent years” for the sole purpose of personal notoriety.

For this reason, they point out that Santamaria has violated the spirit of solidarity and respect for its own colleagues by destroying the prestige gained by the profession through the efforts of everyone to do things honestly for many years.

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They describe in detail that this accusation not only harms this group of professionals, but also worsens the prestige that the country as a whole has achieved worldwide thanks, among other things, to the kitchen and the chefs. They remember that the confrontation between traditional or modern cuisine does not exist and that the only thing that can be said is “good or bad cooking depending on who and how is practiced”, so they believe that he benefits from this discourse of his fame by staging a “media show” in which he accuses others of doing the “show.”

They add that it cannot be criticized that chefs are enriched by the culture, science and techniques they share with others, and say that “the rejection of evolution and the slowing down and spoiling of the achievements that Spanish cuisine and chefs have achieved all over the world, recognition and undeniable success is the pinnacle of egocentrism. ” Euro-Toques points out that chefs “are reluctant to acknowledge this injustice”, but stress that “there is no war in Spanish haute cuisine, but rather the disrespectful opinion or education of a chef for many colleagues in his profession”.

The association, which has hundreds of associate professionals in Spain such as Andoni Luis Aduris, Joan Roca, Carlos Domingo or Francis Paniego, also said their statements were supported by other unrelated colleagues, such as Carles Gaig, Juan Marie Idoat, Daniel Lopez, Benito Gomez, Danny Garcia, Raul Alexander and Jordi Villa, among others.

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