San Sebastián Gastronomika 2017, program and activities


From October 8 to 11, world gastronomy will meet again in San Sebastian to celebrate the new edition of Gastronomika.

San Sebastián Gastronomika 2017, in a few days will begin the gastronomic congress, which after the completion of the last edition of the culinary map of the world is facing a new edition with a view of India, the guest country this year.

With everything prepared and with the tickets that are already on sale, Gastronomy 2017 presents a wide and varied program activities to know, enjoy and taste the most selected products and learn the best techniques of the best chefs in the world.

The gastronomy of San Sebastian

For four endless days, from 8 to 11 October, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities for every taste, never better said.

In addition to presentations with tastings of the best chefs in the world, tastings with Josep Roca, pairing with Josean Alija or champagne competitions, in Gastronomika 2017 competitions, live cooking, product presentations, conversations, debates and many other pleasure activities of congressmen.

By the way, the organization recommends those for the OFF Congress:

Cooking hand in hand with chefs

Two of the most exclusive congress formats allow a small group selected to enter the kitchens and work side by side with some of the best chefs at the moment.

On this occasion will be Andreu Genestra (restaurant Andreu Genestra, Capdepera, Mallorca), Fran Lopez (Villa Retiro, Xerta, Tarragona), Pedro Subiana (Akelare, Guipúzcoa), which will be made available to the public in the section Cooking with, which allows practice in classes for only ten people.

Private kitchens, monographic cooking workshops for 40 people, organized by Gastronomika, will feature Nandu Jubany (Can Jubany, Calldetenes, Barcelona) and gourmet Mikel Brossa and Francis Paniego (Echaurren, Ezcaray, La Rioja), who will teach a unique duet workshop.

Wine & Win Contest

Fifth edition of this popular wine tasting competition for couples. A challenge that tests the theoretical and practical knowledge of the participants.

Knowledge related to entertainment. Wine & Win is open to both amateurs and professionals and always with a partner.

The grand finale, with the participation of the audience, consists of a series of live questions and tastings, to which the finalists will answer from the tables located on the stage, and through audiovisual design in the manner of television competitions.

Premiere of the documentary “The txoko experiencie”

Stoves and microphones will be replaced on the main stage for the exclusive presentation in Spain of the first gastronomic documentary “The Txoko Experience. The Secret Culinary Space of the Basques ”, focused on the uniqueness of txokos and the gastronomic societies of the Basque Country, the products of km 0 and the avant-garde Basque cuisine.

Txoko Experience, a gastronomic documentary
Txoko Experience, a gastronomic documentary

The play, directed from New York by Biscayan political scientist Yuri Moreon, stars great Basque gastronomic figures such as Elena Arzak, Josean Alia, Aitor Arregui or Bitor Arginzonez, many of whom attended the premiere.

The best wine sessions

Among the wine sessions stands out the seminar conducted by Isa Ball, the best sommelier in Europe in 2008, entitled “How to become a” master sommelier “? and the session, directed by Josep Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) from Ars Natura Líquida, where he shows Celler’s work in restoring all ancient wisdom and creating new liqueurs, spirits, essential oils or aromatic fruits.

Ribera del Duero-Gastronomy
Ribera del Duero-Gastronomy

In addition, there will be Bodegas Torres, which will hold a tasting session on restored ancestral varieties; Gramona, from some of its best harvests; Chivite, which will unbutton 15 pieces of jewelry from the Chivite Collection 125 vintage; Ribera del Duero, which will show its #espirituribera with a tasting of ten of its best wines, or DO Cava, which presents a mysterious and surprising tasting of the first cava from Paraje Calificado, the new cava category.

Selected and current couples

The art of pairing, combining and adding flavors. Gastronomika has scheduled three pairing sessions within its Off section to delve into the shared knowledge. S.Pellegrino will present a guided session combined with the knowledge of Josean Alija (Nerua) and sommelier Juan Cruz; San Miguel celebrates the top of raw milk with a pair of beers and five of the best cheeses on the international dairy scene, and Ostras Amelie will talk about new consumer experiences by showcasing new trends, “to present a quality product to an audience looking for innovation beyond lemon , tabasco and minnet ”.

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Atlantic and Mediterranean

Two activities cross the peninsula to show territory and product. From Lisbon, Andre Magalhaes (Taberna da Rua das Flores) will review traditional Portuguese petas (tapas), viewed from an innovative contemporary perspective, revealing the great quality and variety of traditional Portuguese flavors.

On the other side of the peninsula, Balfegó carries his famous Mediterranean blue snoring tone, from which chef Marc Miro will make various creations.

Champagne competition and tasting

San Sebastian will become the world capital of champagne by holding the La Flèche d’Or champagne competition. It will feature some of the most iconic houses of Champagne, as well as small vineyards with limited production and aimed at the most selected consumers. In addition, Vigneron will offer an exclusive tasting workshop for five of its most exclusive champagnes in the world, all of which are barely available on the market.

Apart from all this, there are sought-after activities that cannot be stopped.

This is, for example, Gastronomika Adolescentes, a special presentation dedicated to students in Guipúzcoa in collaboration with Euro-Toques.

On this occasion, Ramon Rotheta, Ander Gonzalez and chef Ivan Surinder will give a pleasant gastronomic class, so that the little ones can learn how to eat Indian cuisine in a fun and healthy way.

“Choose your pinch” is also repeated in Gastronomika by Makro, a fun activity in which great chefs act as assistants to novice cooks; as well as the National Grill Competition. In its eighth edition, it is again the meeting place for all meat lovers, where both the best meat and the best barbecue will be recognized.

San Sebastian Gastronomy Program 2017


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