Salamanca monkey sponge cake


Salamanca monkey sponge cake

Salamanca monkey sponge cake

Four five’

8 servings


290 kcal

Salamanca monkey sponge cake

This is a typical cake from Salamanca, Zamora and some parts of the province of Leon. Apparently this monkey cake or monkey bun was a simple wedding gift in all these areas. It is made in a tall pot, and in the center is a metal cylinder, widely used in bakeries called “monkey”.

Therefore, this cake is called a monkey and has a very ancient origin from the time when the Arabs lived in Spain with Jews and Christians. There are references that say that the monkey cake or bun was used to settle disputes and coexistence between different religions and is now used in the celebration of some weddings. The truth is that every time I go to Salamanca, I see it in the windows of confectioneries and my memories go back to my childhood …

The monkey sponge cake is probably the fluffiest you will find in the family kitchen recipe book. It takes an impressive height, so I recommend a very high or low shape with baking paper placed on the inside of the ring so that we get more height. Ángel’s food mold does very well, although they are narrower in Salamanca.

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Ingredients for making Maimón sponge cake

Ingredient photo

1 – We start shaking the ingredients

We will start making Maimón sponge cake by adding the eggs, sugar, anise and, if you choose this option, the lemon essence (in case of using the peel, we will add it before the flour). Now we will break everything for 7-8 minutes at maximum speed until everything is well mixed and we have included a good amount of air in the dough.

We start shaking the ingredients

2 – We prepare the form to give it a greater height

While beating (in case you have a mechanical mixer), we will spray the form and put baking paper covering the inside and giving it a greater height than the form itself. This is a cake that rises a lot in the oven and we need a large height in the form so that it does not spread around the oven.

We prepare the shape to give it more height

3 – We are about to include cornstarch

When 7-8 minutes of beating are over, we will take out the bowl and add the cornstarch mixed with the yeast. We will beat by hand to integrate it very smoothly so as not to remove air from the dough.

We are about to include cornstarch

4 – We include the dough in the form

Then we will pour the whole dough into the form and we will turn on the oven at 180ºC with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan.

We include the dough in the form

5 – Bake the cake

When the oven reaches the right temperature, we will set the form and bake the cake for 30 minutes without opening the door before this time has passed … You should check if it is already done by needle pricking, if it comes out clean, it is already there Keep in mind that not all ovens work the same and that you need to place it in the lowest part that allows your oven.

Bake the cake

6 – Allow the monkey cake to rest and cool

After this time we will take the monkey cake out of the oven and wait for it to cool before peeling it off and removing the paper.

Allow the monkey cake to stand and cool

7 – Sprinkle with powdered sugar

When the cake is cold and we will serve it, we will sprinkle a good amount of powdered sugar on top and we will serve it to the diners. You can also serve the piece by adding a little hot chocolate on top, I assure you you will see the angels when you take the first bite.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar

8 – We enjoyed this fantastic Maimon sponge cake

And that’s it, friends, we finished our maimon de Salamanca cake. A recipe that I hope you will prepare very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, in which you will mention my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have prepared it and you will make me very happy.

We enjoyed this fantastic Maimon cake

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