Sa Brisa, an innovative cuisine with roots in Ibiza


Gastrobar Sa Brisa presents its winter menu, where it restores traditional Ibiza ingredients, in an innovative cuisine and differentiating concept.

With Brisa Gastrobar

A few days ago we were able to briefly enjoy the White Island to learn about the new winter menu of Sa Brisa.

Ibiza, after the whirlwind of the high season, the party, the beach, slows down its rhythm of life and becomes an alternative for relaxation and enjoyment. At this time, most restaurants, at least the most famous, close their doors and catch the air for the summer.

This is not the case with Sabrisa, which is becoming a winter retreat for lovers of good food. And it will not be, because there is no traffic during the high season, located in one of the busiest streets on the island, Vara del Rey, the influx of customers is constant.

We have already seen him in the past Gastrojornadas 2015, in which we enjoyed the hospitality of Esther and Pere, who have run this famous gastrobar for more than two years.

Esther Boned, Pere Vendrel, owners of Sa Brisa with chef Gonzalo Martín Aragüez
Esther Boned, Pere Vendrel, owners of Sa Brisa with chef Gonzalo Martín Aragüez

Not only is its surprising opening in the winter surprising, the new inclusion of traditional Ibiza gastronomic products that are not used in its menu is another stimulus.

We are talking about ‘black pork’, Ibiza lamb or shrimp and fish species that have so far been ignored and discarded, such as ‘brótola’, ‘palaya’ and ‘negrito’.

That is why Sa Brisa can be considered the first restaurant in Ibiza to restore local marine species and create a creative, cosmopolitan and transgressive menu, taking into account the gastronomic culture and traditions of the island: “bullit de peix”, “salsa” de nadal “, the shrimp from Ibiza, the squid, the village egg, the vegetables from the garden, etc …

From the roots, the Sa Brisa team innovates with a mix of ingredients, textures and presentations that seek to surprise and provoke dinner. Enjoy the flavors briefly.

This creative, authentic and original bet is the result of the modest, constant and passionate work of the restaurant’s founders and its chef Gonzalo Martin Aragues. Of Argentinean descent and Italian nationality, Gonzalo is well acquainted with the cuisine of several continents and, together with his rich and proven professional experience, he tries to pay homage in all his developments to the gastronomic culture of Ibiza from a multicultural environment and cutting-edge techniques.

Gonzalo Martin Aragues
Chef Gonzalo Martin Aragues

In our case, we chose a tasting menu accompanied by Vinos de la Tierra de Ibiza, in particular: A White Can Rich “ERESO” and Red Selection Can Rich.

The average price is not excessive, much less talk about Ibiza and the area where Gastrobar Sa Brisa is located. This is really one of the best quality / price options on the island, or so it seemed to us.

Sa Brisa tasting menu

Rich croquettes with tastes of Ibiza and the world, without béchamel, presented in a kind of wood (perhaps too cumbersome, though original).

  • La Ibicenca: bullit de peix with brown and everything and oli de parsley.
  • Zelenchuk: Escalivada with romescu.
  • Meat: lamb of ibizan with yoghurt sauce and fresh mint.
Croquettes with tastes of Ibiza and the world 1
Croquettes with flavors of Ibiza and the world

A Cheeseboard also presented in a striking ‘head’ with a crest as a container:

  • Sheep cheese from the land with rosemary with slata-sang (Ibiza mushroom).
  • Spherification of Parmesan cheese whey with pine nuts and basil.
  • Ricotta from Ibiza, made from sheep and honey from the island.
  • Stilton cheese foam on the biscuit and snail biscuit.

A production of homemade sausage from Porc negre (piglet of indigenous breed), cured in Sa Brisa. Accompanied by homemade lard with the aroma of wild herbs Ibiza, glass bread, air cushions and air baguettes bread, striped stripes of tomatoes and crispy tomato crystals.

Homemade sausage sa brisa from Porc Negre
Homemade sausage from Porc negre, dried in Sa Brisa.

Continuing with the original presentations, we continue with some crispy donuts based on Ibiza potato souffle with three sauces: truffle mayonnaise, antikucho and chili sauce. There is nothing to emphasize here.

Mini burger made with black pig dew from Ibiza Homemade Chinese steamed bread, pickles, mustard mustard and mango lyutenitsa was the next dish. An appetizing bite.

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Then we move on to a pot with black pork trotter from Ibiza with green apple in two textures and homemade Korean goose sauce. A delicious combination of flavors.

It follows brotola ceviche with Peruvian panther milk, crispy sweet potatoes and kumquat, accompanied by a tasting of typical Peruvian mussel broth. A recipe that provoked unanimous praise from all diners.

Brotola ceviche
Brotola ceviche with Peruvian panther milk, crispy sweet potato and kumquat, accompanied by a tasting of typical Peruvian mussel broth

The Shrimp Ibizan with his head in tempura, a traditional galley suket, pearl onions and fake potatoes, this was an original way to enjoy this delicious seafood.

The black salted The cassava biscuit and orange butter vinaigrette turned out to be a fresh and original dish. Surprising texture of this fish.

Negro, salted on cassava biscuit and orange oil vinaigrette
Negro, salted on cassava biscuit and orange oil vinaigrette

The desserts were delicious Croustilant white chocolate praline, Willians pear, passion fruit and basil.

A Carrot and lime ice cream: mini granny, pineapple and caramelized nachos, citrus syrups and passion fruit.

And one Gacholada with creamy tanariva, cocoa saber and banana foam with lime.

Gacholada with creamy tanariva, cocoa sable and banana foam with lime.

In short, a brushstroke on the menu, proposed by chef Gonzalo Martin Aragues, who, as you can see, uses local products, innovations on them, achieving a set of tastes and sensations that will not leave indifferent dinner.

We liked it and were able to see, compared to last season’s menu, an apparent improvement, which shows the desire to improve this fantastic gastro bar / restaurant. We can only congratulate Esther and Pere and encourage them to continue in this line, which will surely give them only satisfaction.

Gastrobar Sa Brisa

At Sa Brisa Gastro Bar & Catering we bring to life a new way of traveling with the senses through gastronomy. We combine the tapas concept with a company kitchen within an excellent value for money. Our five chefs turn the traditional recipes of many countries into a true work of art for the palate, so that the palate of those who choose us will feel that they are traveling the world with their senses. Located at number 15 Paseo Vara de Rey, in the heart of Ibiza Town, Sa Brisa Gastro Bar has two terraces, modern and attentive decoration, all-day open kitchen and family service, which positions us as one of the main places in Pythia. Our restaurant is run by Esther and Pere, who believe in the symbiosis of combining warmth and hospitality with modern and urban, rustic, traditional and simply with sophistication, elegance and good taste, all spiced up by the “breeze” of the Mediterranean, illusion and passion. in his work.

Passeig de Vara de Rey, 15

Ibiza,, The Balearic islands


Phone: 971 09 06 49


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