“Robin food, drunk with a gun”

David de Jorge arrives in Telesinco with his new culinary show “Robin Food, Overeating”. He will also have the collaboration of Martin Berasategi to teach us cooking recipes, cooking tricks and the occasional “guarrindongada”.

David de Jorge and Martin Berasategi

David de Jorge is a chef who does not go unnoticed and I do not say that because of his size, which has reduced him significantly in recent months.

I say this because David de Jorge is a unique, friendly, natural chef, with great communication skills, transgressive language and a “simple” way of cooking that appeals to the general public.

These characteristics made possible the signing of David de Jorge by the Mediaset España group, which has already started broadcasting the video for the program, which David will broadcast on Telecinco in the morning and which will be entitled: “Robin Food: overeating with a gun“.

Robin Food LOGO

We must remember that “Robin Food: Overeating” was the same title of the culinary show that made it famous on Esukal Telebista (ETB2), one of the regional channels of the Basque Country.

Spectacular, simple recipes, some more complex ones, recipes without nonsense (as he likes to say), the strange dirty little one and the specific collaboration of Martin Berasategi, have so far been the hallmarks of “Robin Food: Drunk Hand Fleet”.

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Some features that made him famous on the national stage, which we hope will follow the same line in the group Mediaset, which will broadcast in the coming weeks.Robin Food: overeating with a gun“, new program by chef David de Jorge at Telecinco.

If you are one of the few people who do not know David de Jorge, watch the following video and you will see how strange and special he is:

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