Roasted turbot with apple sauce and mushrooms

Continuing with the recipes dedicated to Christmas, today we offer “Roasted turbot in apple sauce and mushrooms”, a fish dish that will triumph on the table.

Recipe for baked turbot with apple sauce and mushrooms

We are one of those who think that in the kitchen you do not need to complicate your life too much to look good on special occasions such as Christmas.

You have to take advantage of the opportunities. Look for the best product on the market at the best price, there is always one that suits us.

This recipe is proof of that. The fishmonger was the whole turbot, about a pound and a half, at 9 euros per kilogram.

So we get a party sign for 3 euros per person.

Does anyone give more for less?

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Roasted turbot with apple sauce and mushrooms

Baked turbot with apple sauce and mushrooms

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  1. We ask the fisherman to cut the turbot into approximately two inch slices.

  2. Once in our kitchen we wash them and put them in a baking dish smeared with olive oil.

  3. Put the mushroom, cut into sheets, on the side, season the whole thing and add a little water. Just enough to cover the base of the fountain.

  4. Introduce in the middle of the oven, which we will preheat, twenty minutes at 180º.

  5. Meanwhile, spread the onion, clean and cut into thin strips julienne, in a saucepan with a little raw olive oil, a teaspoon of sugar, salt and a bag of saffron.

  6. When golden, add 3 large cups of natural cider. Cook for twenty minutes, until the fish is done in the oven.

  7. Remove the source from the oven.

  8. Put the broth from the roasting of the fish in the pot with cider and mash with a blender or Thermomix.

  9. Add the mushroom to the sauce.

  10. Spread the turkey on the plates and sauce.

  11. We spread a little chopped parsley on each plate and we have already prepared our exquisite roasted turbot with apple sauce and mushrooms, a Christmas dinner that is not even Arguiñano …..

Recipe notes

If you do not have mushrooms, you can replace them with any kind of “flavored” mushrooms: shiitake, Portobello mushroom and others.

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I will see you on another recipe.
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