Rice with mussels for diet


Rice with mussels for diet

Rice with mussels for diet

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4 servings


Today in Family kitchen with Javier Romero, I have prepared delicious and healthy rice with mussels for diet. We will also use green pepper, garlic, white wine and the broth itself to prepare the mussels.

Taking advantage of the fact that both my eldest son and I are trying to lose weight at home, I publish recipes that can be included in healthy eating. I try to be varied and simple, but I can’t eat absolutely everything, sometimes it’s not easy to get recipes. I think I have achieved a very decent dish and I hope you can prepare it at home when you feel like it. As the saying goes, mussels provide many benefits to our body and rice too. I also prepared the dish with very little fat, as there is only a little olive oil. The ration is 80 g of rice per person and we can eat a plate of rice per week according to the instructions we follow.

Ingredients for 4 people

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We start by cleaning the mussel shells as much as possible before cooking them. Then put them all in a casserole with a glass of white wine and cook them over medium heat with covered casserole. A sign that they are already cooked is that they are all open.

    Step 1 of rice with mussels for diet

Once cooked, drain and strain the broth, then we will use it to make rice.

    Step 2 of rice with mussels for diet

Then put a pan with paella or pan on the fire and fry the garlic and green pepper, finely chopped with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt.

    Step 3 of rice with mussels for diet

When they are ready, put the mussels, rice and coloring and stew a little so that the rice loosens at the end.

    Step 4 of rice with mussels for diet

A little later we will put a liter of broth and after mixing everything a little, we will raise the stove to medium high intensity. When it starts to boil, we will count 12 minutes with this intensity and from there we will decrease to medium temperature and we will count another 8.

    Step 5 of rice with mussels for diet

After a total of 20 minutes, remove the rice from the heat and cover the pan with paella with a towel so that it boils for 10 minutes and stays right.

    Step 6 of rice with mussels for diet

And that’s it, friends, we’re done. Rich rice with mussels for a diet that you can easily include in your daily recipe book. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

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