Rice salad with seafood


Rice salad with seafood

Rice salad with seafood

Four five’

4 servings


120 kcal

Today in Family Kitchen with Javier Romero I present you a simple and fresh recipe for summer. I have prepared a rice salad with seafood and fruit and some of you may be a little surprised by the concept of rice salad, but until a few years ago pasta salads were relatively unknown and are now eaten everywhere. The same thing happened with rice salad and I must say that in Family Kitchen I already have a recipe for rice salad three delicacies that you can see CLICK HERE. This is another good example of what I am telling you that with rice, in addition to paella and rice dishes of all kinds, delicious and refreshing salads can be prepared. It is also something like a Russian salad, which you can make a good amount and keep for a few days.

Since it’s already getting pretty hot, I want to show you some salad recipes that I posted in Family Kitchen for 2 purposes: on the one hand, that you’re learning new ways to make a salad, and on the other, that you see great flexibility and different types of salads that can be made.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – The first thing is to cook the rice

We start with cooking white rice. I recommend using one that already sells special for salads, but if there isn’t one, always use one that is extended, that is always looser. You can see a recipe for making perfect white rice CLICK HERE. The only difference is that you do not need to add curry. When we are done, we will take it out in a tray, where it is spread out as much as possible, so that it cools down quickly and does not overdo it.

The first thing is to cook the rice

2 – Peel and slice the avocado

When the rice is cold, we will put it in a bowl to mix it with the other ingredients. We will start by peeling the avocado by making an incision around the elongated part. Then we will turn around, a single half will come out and we will remove the bone with the help of a spoon. To remove the meat from the avocado, with this spoon we will leave it on a lever, inserting it between the skin and the meat.

Peel and slice the avocado

3 – Chop and add the remaining ingredients

Then we will cut the avocado, shrimp, mussels, pre-peeled tomato, strawberries and cooked ham into small pieces. Season with salt, vinegar and olive oil and mix well until everything is mixed.

Chop and add the remaining ingredients

4 – We put the salad

We now present a tile using Tescoma coating molds that you can see CLICK HERE.

We put the salad

5 – Mash the eggs on the grill

To give it the finishing touch, you can fry a few quail eggs with a little olive oil in a pan and a pinch of salt.

We grill the eggs

6 – Top up and serve the rice salad

And that’s it, friends, we finished our seafood salad with rice. I hope you like it a lot and you will prepare it at home very soon. Nothing else for today, I’m waiting for you in the next recipe, which I will publish here in Family Kitchen.

Top up and serve the rice salad



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