Rice pudding mousse

Rice pudding mousse

130 ‘

4 servings


Today in Family kitchen with Javier Romero, we have a dessert that we could call “useful”, although the concept of taking advantage of rice puddingas it is so rich in itself that it is very difficult to overcome. Still, I recommend that you set aside a little the next time you do it to make it delicious rice pudding mousse.

This is a homemade dessert that will not disappoint you at all and is really easy to prepare after we prepare the rice pudding. The time I indicate in the recipe includes the preparation of the rice pudding, as the preparation of the mousse will take you only 15 minutes. I must also warn you that the recipe for making rice pudding will be found linked both in the ingredients section and in the step-by-step explanation.

Ingredients for 4 people

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First of all, of course, is to make rice pudding, for which I will leave you the related recipe that you can see CLICK HERE.

    Rice pudding mousse step 1

Once the rice pudding is made and cooled, we will start whipping the cream by placing the liquid cream, powdered sugar and cinnamon powder in the bowl of our mechanical mixer. We will beat at a medium high speed until the cream acquires a significant consistency, but without passing it, because it can turn into butter.

    Rice pudding mousse step 2

Once assembled, we will crush the rice pudding with the mixer until we get a fine cream.

    Rice pudding mousse step 3

Then mix the cream and rice pudding in a bowl and stir until smooth.

    Rice pudding mousse step 4

Then we put it in cups, put them in the fridge for a few hours and then we can enjoy this delicious rice pudding mousse.

    Rice pudding mousse step 5

And that’s it, friends, we finished our homemade dessert today. I say goodbye now, don’t miss the next recipe, which I will post here in Family Kitchen.

    Rice pudding mousse step 6


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