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Piña Colada is a cocktail originating from Puerto Rico, a country whose drink is an official drink and which celebrates the National Day of Piña Colada on July 10.

And it doesn’t surprise me at all that Puerto Rico dedicates the National Day to Pinya Colada, as it is one of the most delicious and refreshing drinks we can try in the summer.

The truth is that to prepare a Pina colada We don’t have to stock up on “rare” drinks, just one part white rum, three parts pineapple juice and another part coconut milk. A product, the last of which we can easily find in big stores.

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Recipe for Pina Colada

Piña colada is the name given to a sweet alcoholic beverage made with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice. It is usually accompanied by a slice of pineapple. Piña Colada has been a local and official drink of Puerto Rico since 1978.

Recipe for Pina Colada

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  1. We empty the natural pineapple with care not to damage the outer peel.

  2. Crush the pineapple flesh and pass through a fine sieve.

  3. Fill a shaker with a lot of crushed ice. Add part white rum, another coconut milk and three parts pineapple juice.

  4. Pour the pineapple, add a few straws and taste.


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