Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!


Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!

Learn how to make Red Velvet desserts with beets, the natural coloring that will add passion to your recipes.

Beets are a vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the defenses and prevent anemia. But in addition to being rich and nutritious, it stands out with its powerful reddish color thanks to betaninewhich is used as Natural dye in cosmetics and also in the kitchen world.

The beetroot is ideal for creating original and colorful recipes!! From salads, savory cakes, original hummus, creams, colored rice, pasta, sauces that accompany meat … and to give a romantic touch to desserts! Add this natural coloring to your preparations to create Recipes with red velvet and irresistible cakes, cakes, cookies … in reddish tones.

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - cakes

Red Velvet cake and its red sponge cake is one of the most popular recipes.

How to make a natural beet coloring

You can naturally color your desserts red by adding beets (in liquid or powder) to your recipes. We show you how!

Liquid coloring of beets

To receive liquid coloring of beets you need to extract the juice from cooking fresh vegetables. To do this, heat a saucepan with plenty of water when it starts to boil, add the peeled and chopped beets and cook for 30 minutes (12 minutes in a pressure cooker). Then strain the cooking liquid and save.

How to make a natural beet coloring

Another option for making beet juice is grating raw fresh vegetables. To do this, peel the raw beets and grate them with a grater. Place the strainer in a colander over a bowl and let it run the red liquid.

How to make a natural coloring of liquid beets

Coloring of beet powder

To make beet powder (ideal for sprinkling according to your recipes) peel and cut the beets into thin slices (with a knife or mandolin), place them in Food dehydrator to dry them. You can also dehydrate theml oven or in microwave, always at minimum temperature and time control. Once the beets are dry, you can crush them in a mortar or coffee grinder and keep them in an airtight jar.

How to make a natural color powder for coloring

Beets are a natural red coloring for your Red Velvet recipes

Red velvet desserts with beets

The concept Red velvet or red velvet It is popular in the world of cuisine thanks to the famous Red Velvet cake with layers of red sponge cake covered with cheese jam. you are red falls in love and has been used to give life to endless desserts such as cakes, pies, pancakes, cupcakes …

But if the most common thing is to use food coloring, today we offer a very natural alternative: beets! With it you can color all your favorite desserts with passion. You just have to include it in the base of your recipes to turn the recipes into Red Velvet.

1. Red velvet cake

The red velvet cake is the most popular! In this Red Velvet cake recipe, it would be as easy as replacing beet juice with the red coloring used to color the base of the cake. It will then be layered with a cream filling and a cheese glaze topping.

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - Red velvet cake

2. Red velvet cake

Eva Arginiano teaches us how to make delicious beet cakes. How Very Easy! It involves cooking the beets, mashing them with a mixer and adding pasta to the preparation of the mushroom dough before baking.

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - biscuits

3. Red velvet brownie

Brownie is a cake similar to sponge cake, but differs in that it has no yeast and does not rise in the oven, so its texture is more compact and with an intense chocolate flavor. Although its name comes from the English “brown” (brown color), there is also a version without chocolate, called blondie or blond brownie. In this case, we add a touch of Red Velvet by adding it to the natural coloring dough of ramalacha. You can make brownies in the oven or brownies in the microwave, very easy!

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - Brownie

4. Red velvet cookies

Making homemade cookies is a fun way to enjoy baking at home. There are cookie recipes for all tastes: oatmeal cookies, chocolate, ginger, butter, pasta, whole grains, cookies, nuts … But you can also make Red Velvet cookies by adding natural beetroot to the dough. Ideal for sharing with your loved ones!

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - biscuits

5. Red velvet cupcakes

For lovers of home-made margalans and muffins, we suggest you make some romantic cupcakes from red velvet or red velvet. They are baked in the same way in separate ramekin and covered with a cream cheese glaze. When preparing the dough, the red food coloring (beet juice) is beaten in a bowl with cocoa powder and vanilla extract and added to a creamy mixture of butter, sugar and beaten egg. It is then mixed with milk and flour, salt, bicarbonate and vinegar. You are ready for the dough

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  cupcakes

6. Pinch of red velvet or pancakes

Snacks or pancakes are one of your favorites! They are delicious, very easy to prepare and can be accompanied by sweet and savory. Red Velvet is made by adding red food coloring (beets) to the dough from milk, melted butter, eggs, flour, sugar and salt. Golden in the pan, irresistible!

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  Snacks or pancakes

7. Red velvet donuts

Homemade donuts are a temptation in all their versions, from the natural one with sugar glaze, to the chocolate-covered moose. The Red Velvet version is made by adding red food coloring (beet juice) to the donut dough, icing, and also coloring the decorative topping.

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - Red velvet donuts

8. Red velvet waffles

Like snacks, making homemade snacks is another recipe we love! There are also sweet and savory versions, but to make the Red Velvet waffles we chose to add red food coloring (beet juice) to the original Belgian waffle dough.

Red velvet desserts with natural beet color!  - Waffles

And for you, what is your favorite recipe for red velvet?

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