Red lentils, ideal for cooking in creams, purees or soups


Today we want to talk to you about a product that has been in our closet for a long time and that we hardly know: red lentils.

Red lentil

The red lentil is similar in size to the brown lentil, although the strong orange color distinguishes it from the Castilian lentils at first glance.

Then, if we look at them more closely, we will notice that red lentils are devoid of the skin or skins that protect them, making them an ideal food for all those people who have digestive problems with legumes.

Red lentil

Properties of red lentils

Like all lenses, Red lentil, have great nutritional values, among which stand out their great contribution of iron, zinc, selenium, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins B1 or thiamine and others. In addition to being a source of phosphorus, manganese and folic acid.

To use red lentils do not need to pre-soak in water, just wash them in cold water and boil them for ten to fifteen minutes, less time than “normal” lentils, although their striking orange color, after cooking it will become straw yellow and the lentils will be almost canceled.

Therefore, this variety is ideal for its preparation in creams, purees or soups.

Container with red lentils

They are a very common ingredient in dishes of Asian cuisine. It is usually used in very thick creams or purees with other ingredients and seasoned with spices of all kinds, which give it an impressive and very attractive touch to our palate.

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We used them in a spectacular red lentil puree with Iberian ham, which I recommend.

Red lentil puree with Iberian ham
Red lentil puree with Iberian ham

To buy Red lentil it is enough to turn to a herbalist or supermarkets with large areas and we will find them at a price slightly higher than a normal lens.

Some more striking and unique recipes are the ones we can prepare with Red lentil.


I will see you on another recipe.
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