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Recipes for legumes for every day of the week

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Recipes for legumes for each day of the week: presentation

Is there anything that nourishes the body and spirit more on a cold day than a good hot meal? In this compilation I have chosen for you 6 easy to prepare and very comforting dishes with a spoon. Legumes should be very much present in our diet and in addition to their nutritional properties they are also delicious.

Thanks to the blogs that collaborate on this compilation for providing me with their recipes.

To see the recipe step by step, you need to click on the name of the dish or on the image that will direct you to the blog of its author.

Compilation: Recipes for legumes for each day of the week

From Masito’s kitchen I offer you this Madrid stew. One of the traditional recipes of Spanish gastronomy and typical of the Madrid community. The trick to get a good stew from Madrid? Good quality ingredients and cook it on low heat.

From the blog My kitchen pieces I leave these to you Chickpeas in green sauce. A wonderful dish with a perfect taste for eating hot and with few ingredients that you certainly have in your kitchen.

From Cook in good hours I offer you this Fast Asturian fabada. He also explains how to make this Asturian dish in the traditional way in case you have more time. This is a dish that wins a lot from one day to the next.

From the blog Tapas and desserts They caught my attention Lentils curry and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them a lot. All the vegetables they carry are “hidden” in case you don’t like finding pieces in your house.

These Fabes from the priest’s dinner esparragás from Smell of mint that you can cook it with the beans you prefer. This is one of those warming dishes, perfect for winter days with a delicious taste.

From the blog The crackling of stoves I leave these to you White beans with mussels. Great treatment to warm the body and lift the perfect mood for a cold day. This certainly fascinates yours.

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I leave you this compilation with Light and healthy creams which are ideal for dinners and daily first courses.

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