Recipes for a spoonful of beans Pochas a la marinera


Recipes for a spoonful of beans Pochas a la marinera

Recipes for a spoonful of beans Pochas a la marinera

60 ‘

4 servings


230 calories

How to make white beans a la marinera

Today we have a recipe for pochas a la marinera. This means that we will add mussels, shrimps and mussels to the white beans. I know that it is more common to eat meat, such as Rioja beans, but they are increasingly found with other companions. A good example of this is white beans with mussels and green sauce. As for today’s recipe, let’s say it’s a mixture of the two. On one side he carries seafood, and on the other a vegetable arrangement of beans Rioyan. The result is a white marinade stew with an unusual taste. Moreover, you can dress up this party dish by putting good seafood. Of course, if you want to feed it daily or take it to work in a taper, I understand that you do not want to spend a small fortune and choose cheaper seafood, as in the case of mussels, mussels and shrimp we have this option.

Ingredients for 4 people

Photo of the ingredients

1 – We put the beans to cook

We start by heating the water and waiting for it to boil. When it boils, add a handful of salt and then beans. Cover the pan and cook for a total of 1 hour more or less.

Let's cook beans

2 – Make radiant sauce

After half an hour of cooking we start making the vegetable sauce. Cut the garlic and onion and fry them in a pan with olive oil covered the bottom.

We make radiant sauce

3 – Add the peppers

Cut the peppers and add them to the pan when the onions begin to become translucent.

Add the peppers

4 – Finish the sauce

Once the peppers are cooked, add the tomato sauce and cook for a few minutes with the vegetables.

Add the sauce

5 – We break the sofrito

Now put 2-3 scoops of bean broth and pour everything into a measuring cup to crush it with a blender.

We break the sofrito

6 – Add the sauce to the stew

Pour the resulting sauce into the bean pot and stir to integrate the sauce with the water.

Add the sofrito to the stew

7 – Add the seafood to the stew

Then add the mussels, peeled shrimp and mussels. In the case of mussels and mussels, we must have cleaned and filtered them beforehand so that dirt and other impurities do not get into the stew. You should also add any well-strained mussel broth.

We add the seafood to the stew

8 – We finish cooking our stew

From now on we have to cook everything together between 5 and 10 minutes, which is the time it will take to open the mussels and cook the shrimp and mussels. After this time, let the white beans rest for another 10 minutes with the covered casserole.

We finished cooking our stew

9 – All we have to do is enjoy the table

And that’s friends. We finished our pochas a la marinera. I hope you prepare them soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have made one of my recipes and I will be very happy.

Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here at Family Kitchen.

All we have to do is enjoy the table



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