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Carlos Arginiano prepares soup with vegetables, mushrooms, buckwheat and red lentils, a very nutritious vegan and gluten-free recipe.

The buckwheat also known as buckwheat and this is a fake cereal of Asian origin. It is energetic, rich in highly available proteins and does not contain gluten. These features make it a good option for both celiac disease As for vegetarian and vegans.

Buckwheat can be found commercially in the form of flour, grain or pasta (called soba).


Ingredients (6 people):

  • 2 onions
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 through
  • 100 g Mushrooms
  • 100 g of buckwheat
  • 30 g Red lentils
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Sol
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • parsley

Preparation of the recipe for vegetable and buckwheat soup:

To make the brothPut the green parts of onions, carrots and leeks (well cleaned) to cook in a saucepan of water. Season, add a few sprigs of parsley and cook for 15 minutes. Strain and save the broth.

Peel and chop onions, leeks and carrots fine. Put on poaching in a saucepan with a trickle of oil. Mia mushrooms, cut them into quarters and laminate them. Add them and cook them. Add the red lentils, rinse buckwheat and add it.

Cover with broth and cook everything for about 20 minutes on low heat. Add salt. Degrease with a saucepan.

Serve the buckwheat vegetable soup. Chop the mint leaves and spray the soup.

Vegetable and buckwheat soup

Nutritional information on the recipe:

E nutritious soup which hydrates us and is recommended for everyone. Most of the food is vegetables (75%), so this soup provides a large amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. This soup will be useful for cleansing and regulating digestive, liver and kidney function.

To improve the contribution of carbohydrates present in buckwheat and lentils, we will accompany the plate with 20 grams of bread per person. In this way we will reach the recommended 25%.

The association of wheat (cereals) with lentils (legumes) guarantees us the correct contribution of protein, as a useful advice for vegetarians.

There is no food of animal origin in this dish. Therefore, there will be a portion of meat or fish at dinner to ensure a proper supply of iron and vitamin B12.

From dessert We will eat fruit and homemade flan, made with egg and milk to make the menu more balanced.

Meal of the day:

Vegetable and buckwheat soup



  • Vegetable and buckwheat soup
  • Bread
  • Fruits
  • Flan


  • Steak with rosemary potatoes
  • Bread
  • Fruits
  • Milk

Tips from Dr. Teleria:

Vegetable soup after an excess will help us recover faster.

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