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Mahonesa or homemade mayonnaise recipe

Carlos Arguiñano recipe for making mayonnaise or mayonnaise sauce at home easily and quickly.


  • 1 egg
  • olive oil
  • vinegar
  • Sol

Preparation of mayonnaise or mayonnaise sauce:

Crack the egg in a shaker cup add a spraying vinegar, salt and a good amount of oil.

Put the mixer arm all the way in and grind without lifting mixer until the mixture is emulsified.

When it starts to emulsify, move it gently up and down. Mayonnaise or homemade mayonnaise is ready.

How to make mayonnaise without eggs?

If for some reason you can’t eat eggs or you don’t have eggs, don’t forget to make mayonnaise. You can prepare lactonesis replacing milk with eggs.

Beat 2 measures butter with one of the milk and add a spray of vinegar.

How to prevent the slicing of mayonnaise?

One of the most common problems in making mayonnaise is that it to cut. Something that happens mainly for two reasons: because the oil is added too quickly or because the ingredients have different temperatures.

To prevent this, remove the egg from the refrigerator a little earlier to prepare mayonnaise. This way you will avoid being very cold.

Another trick is to add oil little by little with a stream of very fine thread without stopping to mix. In this way the mixture will be integrated little by little and will not be cut.

You can also use a spraying lemon or a little cold water. Both help the ingredients to integrate more easily.

Homemade mayonnaise with egg, lemon dash and a little olive oil.

What to do when cutting?

Once the mayonnaise is sliced, we can try to fix it by adding to the mixture a splash cold water and continue to beat until the water integrates with the sauce. Little by little it will gain consistency.


To make homemade mayonnaise, always use light oil.

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