Recipe for foam cream


If you have a foam siphon, you can not miss the opportunity to try this original and sophisticated recipe for cream.

Creamy foam
A few days ago we showed you how to make egg custard. A very traditional recipe in our country, which for one reason or another we are used to making them, buying packages of immediate cream preparations.

A proposal that can get us out of a hurry, but without the taste of some authentic egg cream.

We now present a different way to service egg cream. Only if you have foam siphon In your kitchen you can prepare the recipe we offer today: cream foam.

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Recipe for foam cream

Recipe for foam cream

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To decorate the foam with cream:


  1. We pass the cream through a very fine strainer or sieve, so that any impurities remain that could clog the siphon.

  2. Close the siphon and fill it with the two capsules, shake and store in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

  3. After resting (1-2 hours), remove it from the refrigerator and serve the foam with cream in a crystal glass.

  4. Garnish the cream with a little ground cinnamon and a little mint leaves.

  5. We serve and try this original proposal for making cream. A sophisticated recipe that you can’t stop making if you have a siphon at home.

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