Recipe for candies with melon, vodka and chocolate – Eva Arginiano


Eva Arginiano prepares melon, vodka and chocolate candies in the Carlos Arginiano 55000 Recipes program. What are you waiting for to try the recipe? They are delicious!

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 400 melons
  • 200 ml of vodka
  • 200 g covered chocolate
  • pink pepper
  • mint leaves

Preparation of the recipe for candies with melon, vodka and chocolate:

Cut the melon into bite-sized pieces and place them in a bowl. Pour vodka. Mix and marinate for 10-20 minutes. Drain the melon pieces and set aside.

Chop the chocolate (reserve 50 grams) and melt it in a water bath. Remove the bowl from the casserole and add the reserved chocolate (chopped) and mix well.

Prick each slice of melon on a skewer and put them in the chocolate. Remove and paste on white cork – spam type). Let it be relax.

Serve. You can cut a few oranges in half and click 5 chocolates in each.

Sprinkle with a little ground pepper And a little mint mint.


In order for the chocolate to stick well to the melon, it is important that the pieces of melon are well drained.

Melon, vodka and chocolate candies

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