Raw garlic is healthier than dried garlic


Garlic, one of the most characteristic and healthy ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its culinary and healing properties, has been “rediscovered” by researchers from University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

These scientists report that they have the first evidence of this fresh garlic Crushed has more healthy heart effects than dry. The study, based on feeding garlic to laboratory animals for 30 days, also challenged the belief that most of its benefits were due to its large amount of antioxidants.

Researchers have found this beneficial effects on the heart they appear to be derived from hydrogen sulfide, a substance that is formed when garlic is cut or crushed and relaxes blood vessels when eaten.

According to Deepak K. Das, one of the researchers in the study, “although it is best known for its bad odor, hydrogen sulfide also acts as a chemical messenger in the body, relaxing blood vessels and allowing more blood to pass through, although this property is lost. after it has been processed and prepared ”.

The study, which will be published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, is based on giving raw and crushed processed garlic to two groups of laboratory rats. Both raw and processed garlic reduce the damage from oxygen starvation, but the group given raw garlic has a significantly greater effect in restoring proper blood flow to the aorta and increased pressure in the left ventricle of the heart.

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These results are very well accepted among cardiac patients using natural and complementary medicine in the United States. A country where every third adult uses some form of alternative medicine.


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