Rabbit stew in Mediterranean style

Rabbit stew in Mediterranean style

60 ‘

4 servings


160 kcal

How to make a good rabbit stew in the Mediterranean style

This is a stew with traditional flavors, with common ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, olive oil, white wine, black olives … and to give a crunchy touch, a little ground almonds.

I have never made a stew of this type and I can guarantee that it will be delicious with almost any meat. With some pork cheeks, beef, pork head, chicken … you can put whatever meat you like and I think you will repeat this way of cooking over and over again.

Rabbit meat is considered one of the healthiest because it is very lean meat, practically fat-free and very suitable for people who are making diets for weight loss or for those who want to take care of fat intake and take care of yourself through eating.

We really liked it at home when I wrote down the recipe. Many people in the city ask me what we do with the food from the recipes we write down. Many of us are at home on recording days, so what we do is eat what we record. Also, on days when many desserts are recorded, we give to the neighbors so that they are more than happy.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We start with making the soffrit

We will start by peeling and finely chopping the garlic, onion and carrot. Once we have cut everything, we will put everything in a flat pot with olive oil covering the bottom and a little salt.

We start by making the soffrit

2 – We finished cooking our sauce

When the onion starts to become translucent, add the almonds and finely chopped green peppers (especially the almonds).

We finished cooking our sauce

3 – Seal the rabbit slices

While the vegetables are cooking, we will cut the rabbit (if they haven’t made it in the butcher’s shop), season it, pass it through flour and fry it in a pan with a lot of butter. While frying, we will take it out on a plate or, in the case of the last pieces, directly into the casserole.

We seal the rabbit slices

4 – Add wine and olives to the sauce

When we finish the vegetables, we will add a glass of white wine and when the alcohol evaporates, we will grate the tomatoes on the opposite side of the leaves. Once grated, we will let them cook for a few minutes and then we will add the black olives. Add salt and cook everything together until the rabbit is ready.

Add wine and olives to the sauce

5 – Boil the rabbit in the sauce

If you see that the sauce is somewhat dry, you will need to add a little water to keep it from sticking until you have finished frying the rabbit. When the whole rabbit is in the pan, we will add water until it covers a little more than half.

Boil the rabbit in the sauce

6 – Let the stew rest

Now let the rabbit cook with the sauce for 30-35 minutes on medium heat with a covered or almost covered casserole. Watch from time to time in case it gets too dry to add some more water. After this time we remove the casserole from the heat and let the stew rest for another 10 minutes with the covered adel.

We let the stew rest

7 – We serve and enjoy

And that’s it, friends, we finished our rabbit stewed in Mediterranean style. A recipe that I hope you will prepare very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy


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