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Rabbit meat is lean meat, rich in protein with high biological value and characterized by low fat content, it is healthy for the heart and has low cholesterol.

Rabbit meat and Mario Sandoval

We are increasingly witnessing the importance that health professionals and nutritionists attach to the Mediterranean diet. A healthy diet is the main pillar on which our daily lives are based and in the long run it makes our future more lasting.

Making this diet of all the nutrients our body needs is a personal task, especially when the whole family depends on it, so it is essential to be aware of the nutritional properties that each food provides us, especially lean. meat, such as rabbit meat.

Various studies show nutritional quality of meat rabbit as one of the most suitable components for a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Among the many properties of rabbit meat, it stands out as one of the meats with the lowest fat content, which makes it special food suitable for people with obesity, overweight and altered blood fat levels, while highly recommended for some key stages of development, such as childhood and adolescence.

The Rabbit meat It is a lean meat, rich in protein with high biological value and characterized by low fat content. In addition, its fatty acid profile is mostly unsaturated, ie healthy for the heart.

It also stands out with its own low cholesterol, well below that of other meats such as chicken, beef or pork. Similarly, rabbit meat is an important source of minerals such as phosphorus and B vitamins, such as vitamin B3, useful for growth and development, while its low sodium content stands out, which allows it to cook without the addition of salt. These properties make it an ideal meat for inclusion in the diet of the whole population, as it can prevent obesity and overweight.

In addition, gastronomically, rabbit meat is a traditional food in the extensive Spanish cookbook, existing in all Spanish regions typical dishes prepared with rabbit.

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In this cookbook we can find from the typical “Rabbit to Empordà“Which includes hazelnuts and pine nuts, typical of Catalan cuisine until”Rabbit in Salmorejo“From the Canary Islands, marinated with a mixture of spices and served with a little”wrinkled potatoes“All this without forgetting one of the most important and famous dishes of Spanish gastronomy,”.Valencia Paella ”which usually includes Rabbit meat. That way, we must not forget this modern kitchen it also includes rabbit meat among its ingredients.

If you want to know receptionsand other properties of Rabbit meat We advise you to visit the website of INTERCUN, the Interprofessional Organization for the Promotion of the Spanish Rabbit Sector.

By the way, Intercun offers us the telephone number of the Rabbit Meat Information Center (902 995 681), which serves a team of nutritionists and food technologists without interruption from 9:00 to 18:00 to ask everyone questions we have about the consumption of this meat.

More information: intercun.org


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