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Quinoa with beets

Recipe with exceptional nutritional value. The interest in its production lies in its nutritional qualities. It has a high content of proteins with high biological value – rich in essential amino acids, comparable to milk, minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron …), vitamin E, fiber, little but healthy heart fat, and is gluten-free, which makes it very interesting for celiac disease. Rodrigo de la Calais brings us a superfood “from a book”. To learn more, visit the Goya Latin Kitchen Classroom.

Chef: Rodrigo de la Calais

Personality in every dish, talent and spark. Sensitivity and technique alike. He loves what he does and expresses it through his concrete revolution #green.


  • 40 g Sesame sauce
  • 40 g teriyaki sauce
  • 20 g Mustard with fine herbs
  • 45 g. Flying fish
  • 80 g Boiled beets
  • 320 g. Boiled quinoa


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