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Quick chicken and spinach cannelloni with lots of TRICKS

Quick chicken and spinach cannelloni with lots of TRICKS

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Quick chicken and spinach cannelloni with many TRICKS: presentation

This is the typical recipe you always succeed with. You can prepare it for everyday life and for any celebration and you will be luxurious. Don’t miss all the tricks and how to freeze them and they are perfect and ready to eat whenever you want. If you have children, you already know that they love greten recipes. It will be unmistakable and a trick for them to eat spinach without knowing it. If there is an ingredient in the filling that you do not have, you can replace it with another. I hope you enjoy cooking these cannelloni and eating them with yours.


For 20 cannelloni

  • For cannelloni:
  • 300 g chicken breast
  • 300 g fresh spinach
  • 20 cannelloni plates
  • Salt, pepper and olive oil
  • 150 g grated yellow cheese
  • For béchamel:
  • ¾ liter of milk
  • 40 g flour (2 tablespoons)
  • 30 g butter
  • Salt, pepper and nutmeg

Quick chicken and spinach cannelloni with a lot of TRICKS – video recipe

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Quick chicken and spinach cannelloni with a lot of tricks – Prepare a recipe

1. – Blanch the spinach. Put a pot of water on the fire and put the spinach when the water starts to boil. Remove them as soon as the water starts to boil again. Save the spinach.

2.- Cook the breasts. Fry the breasts in a pan with a trickle of butter and season with salt and pepper to taste. Take them out on a plate when they are golden brown on both sides.

3. – Stew the spinach in the same pan. Put them in a well drained pan and add salt. In 3 or 4 minutes you will prepare them. Be careful not to overcook them, as they will dry out.

4. – Boil the pasta. Put a good amount of water in a saucepan on the fire and add a handful of salt. Place the pasta plates, one at a time, when the water starts to boil. The cooking time will be that recommended by the manufacturer of its packaging. You can also use lasagna plates and cut them after boiling. Move the plates from time to time so that they do not stick together.

5. – Prepare the béchamel. Put the butter in a pan and add the flour as soon as it melts. Stir until the flour is lightly toasted. Add the milk at room temperature and stirring constantly. Add a little salt, a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of ground nutmeg. You can add a little more milk if you want it to be lighter. And if you have lumps left, you can strain them or pass them through a blender.

6. – Cool the pasta. Remove a good amount of cooking water and cool with cold water to cut the cooking.

7. – Stretch each of the plates on a clean cloth.

8.- Chop the chicken in the grinder.

9.- Prepare the filling. Put the minced meat in a bowl. Add the chopped spinach, although you can also chop them. Add a little béchamel to taste and stir.

10. – Fill the cannelloni. Run a napkin over each plate to remove excess water. Scrape a tablespoon of stuffing over each of the plates. Roll the cannelloni on yourself, making sure to collect all the filling and take the opportunity to distribute it in the cannelloni.

11. – To freeze them, place them on greaseproof paper on a well-separated tray. Keep the tray in a plastic bag and you can take it out in units as you want to consume them.

12.- Cook the cannelloni. Place a layer of béchamel on a baking sheet so that they do not stick. Spread the béchamel with a spatula. Place the cannelloni and spread the béchamel on top. Spread well with a spoon. Put a layer of grated yellow cheese on top. Place the pan in the oven without preheating to 220 degrees with heat on top for 10 to 15 minutes.

My tips for cooking chicken and spinach cannelloni:

When the béchamel cools, you will see that it creates a crust on top. Add a little milk and mix well.

Make a good amount and freeze to have them available whenever you want.

I’m leaving you here the recipe for How to make fresh pasta.

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I will see you on another recipe.
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