Quesería “La Antigua” in Fuentesaúco makes exceptional cheeses


“La Antigua”, a cheese factory in Fuentesauco, Zamora, which produces its products with the care and care of the past.

Fuentesaúco is a small town in Zamora, located in the heart of the Guadena river valley, well known in Castile and Leon for the quality of its agri-food products. These include his asparagus, but above all his famous chickpeas. A legume that has fed the inhabitants of the area since Roman times, which currently has a protected geographical indication.

But this city is also the cradle of other famous products, such as sheep cheese who develops in a completely artisanal way Quesería “La Antigua” by Fuentesaúco since 2002 “La Antigua” by Fuentesauco It is a small cheese factory with a family tradition, which produces its products with the care and care of the past, but with the help of new technologies to ensure that its cheeses reach the consumer in perfect condition.

As we say, the production of their cheeses is completely artisanal and only with natural and ecological ingredients, such as raw sheep’s milk. As it is not heat-treated and does not contain antiseptics or preservatives, it allows its natural composition to be present and participate in the whole process of coagulation, fermentation and maturation in order to achieve pure flavors and aromas in the final products.

Depending on their cure, they are marketed under the name “Starfield”, Soft, semi-hard and dried cheeses; “Fleece from Fuentesauco”, Great spare cheese; or cheesecake “Caprichos de la Pastora”, Its new flagship product. A cake, such as Torta del Casar or Torta de la Serena, made from raw sheep’s milk and vegetable rennet, obtained naturally from the flower of the donkey’s thorn and salt.

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Products that, after ripening for at least 60 days, turn into a very smooth cheese, with a delicate taste and intense aroma, which melt on the palate as a real delicacy.

As you can see, each of these cheeses is ideal to take as an aperitif or as part of a main course. The options are many, and the recipes in which to use them are even more.

Although the best part is that if you try any of the products Quesería “La Antigua” by Fuentesaúco, give us your opinion.


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