Purple or purple basil, amazing aroma


The purple or purple basil, also known as regular, is difficult to obtain, I know, but if you have the opportunity to pick a bouquet, you will see that it has a very significant change with its “sister” green or normal basil.

Purple or purple basil 3

At first glance, it has a very striking color, different from green with its remarkable purple color and large wrinkled leaves. The smell breaks him down with his aniseed perfume. The taste, different, fresh, anise …

In the kitchen we can use it in the same way as normal basil, in salads, fish and meat sauces, soups, flavored oils, pasta and more. It can also be used for desserts. One of the chefs who used it for sweet preparations is the great master Juan Marie Arzak.

Purple or purple basil 1

As I told you, it is not easy to get it in the markets, but if you see it, both fresh and in seeds, do not hesitate to take it home.

Did you know that in addition to their use in the kitchen, a very common application is the placement of pots or basil shrubs in orchards and terraces as an insecticide? This is because its intense and sweet smell repels insects.

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In the summer (because the cold does not tolerate it very well), we usually put a few pots of basil in the windows, facing outwards, so that happy mosquitoes do not enter. And the one we have on the kitchen window, we have to replace it from time to time, because “the leaves are falling” …


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