Puchas Castellanas, a recipe from the old stoves


Puchas were the typical Halloween cakes in Old Castile many years ago.

Puchas Castellanas

My grandmother’s mother was already making them, then my grandmother handed me the recipe to my mother. My mother gave it to me, but in my parents’ house, as far as I remember, she did not prepare it.

The poor man’s cream, as my grandmother called it, was a low-grade food, albeit consistent, as it did not contain eggs or milk.

The old stoves were used to make these couches (the name given to the puddle mud when it rained) with aniseed water, sugar, flour and stale bread croutons, as soft bread was not known at the time.

Although, as in everything, at that time there were first and second class coups.

Those of the “first” were those that were made with refined sugar. The “second” were prepared by the most humble households with the water released from the beets when crushed.

But the memory of going to my grandmother’s house with my cousins ​​and uncles to eat a nice plate of puchi will always remain in my mind, like those French omelets my grandmother used to make in that old wooden fire. How many memories, all good …

By the way, this post was dedicated to His that we coincided on the day of the recipes and publications with theirs Puches conquered.

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Puchas Castellanas

Puchas was the typical sweet on Halloween night in Old Castile many years ago. The poor man’s cream, as my grandmother called it, was a low-grade food, albeit a constant one, as it did not contain eggs or milk.

Puchas Castellanas

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  1. Put the water with the aniseed and the sugar to cook in the pot.

  2. As soon as cooking begins, cover and turn off the stove, leaving the pan warm.

  3. Fry the flour in a pan with olive oil.

  4. As soon as it starts to toast, season and add the aniseed tincture, previously strained.

  5. Stir with a few sticks until you get a thick cream without lumps.

  6. Distribute the hot Castilian Puchas in bowls and serve with croutons.


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