Provencal herbs, delicate taste and unusual aroma


When we enjoyed our vacation in Provence this summer, we realized that most of the dishes that make up its rich gastronomy are seasoned with Herbes de Provence or Herbes Provenzales.

Provencal herbs

The Provencal herbs or Herbs of Provence (in French), they are one of the most used spice mixes in the kitchen, thanks to the perfect combination of five Mediterranean herbs such as Rosemary,, oregano,, thyme,, basil Y. lavender, among other options, as long as they are grown in the region of Provence, in the south of France.

Thanks to the delicate taste and unusual smell that Provencal herbsThey are ideal when it comes to training dishes with pasta, meat, fish and even vegetables and salads.

Herbs of Provence
We always have Provencal herbs, in large format, in our kitchen. Because we usually use it very often when grilling or stewing (chicken, pork, etc.), as they give it a very special touch.

Although, as they say “Not the whole mountain is oregano“, Not all Provencal herbs are native to Provence.

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To ensure its origin at all times, only containers that have a red label on the outside with the indication, “Origine Provence warranty“, Will assure us that the Provencal herbs they have inside have been cultivated, harvested, dried and packaged Provence.


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