Potatoes with sausages

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Potatoes with sausages

Potatoes with sausages

60 ‘

6 servings


210 kcal

How to make potatoes with sausages. Today we have a simple and delicious homemade stew of potatoes and sausages. Both ingredients are very cheap and very easy to find for most people and all this makes a perfect everyday recipe. When you see step by step, you will see that these sausage potatoes will only take 60 minutes, that anyone can make them, even if they have very little experience in the kitchen, and that this is one of those dishes that you can save for the next day. because they will be just as rich. It will also serve as a recipe for tupperware, as I understand that there are many people who work and need to eat out. Instead of spending more money to go to a restaurant to eat a menu for the day, you can take a good soup from this stew and save good money.

Ingredients for 6 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We make the sauce

We will start with finely chopping the garlic and onion. When we are done with this, we will put the pot on the fire with olive oil covering the bottom. When it is hot, we will add onion and garlic and let it fry slowly. While they are being made, we will cut the sausages into small pieces (or not, this is your choice) and when the onions start to become translucent, we will add them to the casserole to cook them.

We make sofrito

2 – Peel and slice the potatoes

During the time the sausages are made, we will peel, clean and cut the potatoes into tiles. Then we will save them for the moment when we have to put them.

Peel and slice the potatoes

3 – We cook the sausages

When we make the sausages, we will pour the white wine and let the sausages cook with it for 10 minutes from the moment it starts to boil.

We cook sausages

4 – Add red pepper and tomato

After 10 minutes we will add the fried tomatoes and red pepper, stirring afterwards to mix them with the rest of the liquid.

Add red pepper and tomato

5 – Add the potatoes and water

Now we will put the potatoes and pour enough water so that it almost completely covers them. We will leave only the tops of some potatoes protruding from the surface. We will cover the casserole and wait for the water to boil, then reduce the heat to medium-low intensity. The total cooking time will be determined by the hardness of the potatoes, so when you see that the potatoes are cooked, it will be time to remove the stew from the heat.

Add the potatoes and water

6 – Check the point of the potatoes

If after the protocol you see that the broth does not make fat, take a few potatoes and mash them with a fork so that all the starch comes out and makes the broth greasy.

We check the point of the potatoes

7 – Let the potatoes rest

After preparing the potatoes, we will remove the casserole from the heat and let the potato stew with sausages rest for 10-15 minutes with the coated casserole. Then we will bring it to the table to serve and eat.

We let the potatoes rest

8 – Serve and enjoy the potatoes with sausages

And that’s it, friends, we finished our potatoes with sausages. I hope that you will prepare this recipe very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, in which you will mention my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have made one of my recipes and I will be very happy. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy the potatoes with sausages



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