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I must reveal to you a family secret about Lent.

Post stew

It will be about 20 or 25 years, my mother strictly did not eat meat on Friday during Lent. I hated him.

This is always to be eaten, these Fridays, lean stew and the fish was the worst punishment for me.

I rebelled and wanted to eat meat. My mother is thirteen years old, legumes and a sole. I was looking around the house for some sausage, but once I found it and held it in my hands, my conscience would not allow me to sink my teeth into it.

Anyway, now I’m the one putting it lean stew to eat on Lent on Friday, although I later made a ham sandwich for breakfast. Things of rebellion!

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Post stew

Before Easter, a traditional recipe for lean stew, very good and easy to prepare, so that even children can eat it without problems. A stew that has everything.

Post stew

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  1. In order to taste this lean stew in its best form, it is necessary to prepare it from one day to the next, because in this way all the ingredients will settle and offer us the best of them.

  2. Starting from this base, two nights before day “D”, soak chickpeas in hot water, a pinch of salt and other bicarbonate.

  3. Wash the scaly fever and leave it in a bowl of water stored in the refrigerator. The day before the day of “D”, drain and add the chickpeas along with the peeled and quarter onions, bay leaf, peeled garlic cloves and a pinch of salt in a pressure cooker.

  4. Cover with water and cook.

  5. When it starts to cook, degrease, cover the pan and simmer for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, wash and clean the spinach.

  6. Boil in boiling water for a minute, remove, wash under cold water, drain and save. When a quarter of an hour has passed, we remove it from the heat and let the pot warm up before opening it.

  7. Put in a saucepan, spinach and drained cod. Stir gently and add the rice.

  8. Let it cook, without covering the pan, for another 15 minutes on medium heat.

  9. Prepare sauce in a pan with a few tablespoons of olive oil, paprika and flour.

  10. Pour some of the cooking broth into the pan, stir and throw it back in the pan.

  11. Add the beaten egg, mix gently and adjust the salt point.

  12. Cook for another five minutes. We turn off the fire and retreat.

  13. The next day we heat the lean stew. We serve and try the lean stew, a delicious traditional recipe.

Recipe notes

We usually prepare a much larger amount at home with the intention of staying for another day. If after a few days (stored in the refrigerator) you do not use it, freeze it and serve for another occasion.

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