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Carlos Arginiano teaches us how to make pork fillet with sweet and sour orange, soy and ginger sauce, with delicious candied potatoes flavored with garlic and rosemary. To accompany, a little green! Bean and alfalfa salad. Meat casserole, grandma’s style!

The pig, like poultry, is considered White meat Due to its low fat content, it is also richer in vitamin B1 and B6 than red meat such as beef and mutton, yes, the mineral content is similar, except for iron, which is lower. Everything is used by the pig: groin, ribs, cheeks, lynx, ears … and fillet! One of the most delicious pieces.

The sweet and sour sauces They combine very well with white meats such as pork, so in this recipe Carlos Arginiano offers to prepare orange, soy and ginger sauce to accompany the fillet.

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 2 pork fillets
  • 3 potatoes
  • 4 oranges
  • 1 slice of lemon peel
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 piece of fresh ginger
  • 100 g of onion and alfalfa sprouts
  • 25g sugar
  • 1 tablespoon refined corn porridge
  • 25 ml soy sauce
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • vinegar
  • Sol
  • Pepper
  • 1 clone of rosemary
  • parsley

Preparation of the recipe for fillet in orange and ginger sauce

Cut each potato into 6 pieces and put them in a pan with a lot of butter. Add a branch of Rosemary and 3 teeth from Garlic (with skin and crushed) and let them heat for about 20 minutes.

Pork fillet in orange and ginger sauce, Carlos Arginiano recipe - step 1

Set to heat saucepan with sugar until caramelized.

Squeeze the oranges and pour the juice into the saucepan. Cut the orange peel and lemon peel into thin strips and turn them on. Also add the soy sauce and a piece of ginger naked. Prepare the sauce ingredients for 12-15 minutes until it decreases slightly. Add a little refined corn porridge dilute in cold water and boil until thickened.

Pork fillet in orange and ginger sauce, recipe by Carlos Arginiano - step 2

Cut thickly sliced ​​pork fillet, season with salt and pepper and seal (on both sides) the fillets in a hot pan with a drizzle of butter. Hand over the steaks to a pan (wide and low casserole), strain the orange sauce on top and ginger and boil it.

Pork fillet in orange and ginger sauce, recipe by Carlos Arginiano - step 3

Put it down bean and alfalfa sprouts in a bowl and season them with oil, vinegar and salt.

Distribute the fillet, potatoes and salad in 4 plates. Garnish with a little parsley leaves.

Pork fillet in orange and ginger sauce, recipe by Carlos Arginiano - step 4


  • The sealing of the fillets consists in their short browning on both sides in a pan with butter.
  • The oil left over from the potatoes can be used to make other recipes.

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