Pork fillet cork in mushroom sauce

Pork fillet cork, which turns into a fine dinner.

Pork fillet on top with mushrooms

Many nights, for dinner, we do not spend much time in the kitchen. We chose something simple and fast, although this does not mean that we have to prepare something boring, on the contrary.

Last night was one of those days, we prepared “pork fillet with mushrooms ” and spread it on some toasted bread.

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Pork fillet on top with mushrooms

Pork fillet on top with mushrooms

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  1. Stew the chopped mushrooms in olive oil. Season and add the liquid cream. Stir and simmer for five minutes.

  2. Meanwhile, cut the pork fillet into thin fillets and fry them to taste in a pan with a few drops of olive oil. We take it out and forge it.

  3. Toast a few slices of bread in the same pan and spread a little of the cream on top, put a few fillets of pork fillet for each slice and finish with a few slices of mushrooms.

  4. Sprinkle some freshly ground pepper on top and serve the delicious recipe for pork fillet cork with mushroom cream.

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