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Popular tapas and skewers: battered ears.

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Popular tapas and skewers: battered ears: presentation

You already know that I live in La Rioja and here the ear, apart from being a very famous skewer, is a delicacy. I’ve been asked many times how I make breaded lamb ears, and it’s so easy to do that I didn’t upload this type of video. This is a very popular recipe that is still fashionable in the most traditional bars. The most important thing for the preparation of this recipe is to prepare them well so that they remain very tender.

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For 12 skewers

  • 12 ears
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g of flour
  • Frying oil
  • Salt, peppercorns and bay leaves

Popular tapas and skewers: battered ears: videoreceta

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Popular tapas and skewers: breaded ears: recipe preparation

1.- Clean the ears. Put a good amount of water and spray white wine vinegar in a bowl. Put the ears inside and leave them for about an hour. Remove the ears from the water and clean them one by one. Open them with scissors and remove the thickest area. (Watch the video how I do it).

2.- Boil the ears. Put the ears in a saucepan of water, a tablespoon of salt, a few grains of black pepper and a few bay leaves. Bring the casserole to the heat and cook for about 45 minutes or until the ears are very soft, stabbing them with a fork.

3.- Squeeze the ears and to keep them in shape, pierce them with a toothpick until cool. Remove any remaining paper that may remain with absorbent paper.

4.- Cancel them. Pass each ear, first remove the toothpick, flour and beaten egg.

5.- Fry the ears. Put a good amount of frying oil in a pan on the fire. Place the ears when the oil is hot. Once fried on one side, turn them over, making sure the butter reaches all the parts well. Take them out on a paper towel when they are fried on both sides.


You can put them on a tray

To eat them like a skewer, put each ear on a slice of bread, a strip of pepper and another slice of bread. You can put a little salt in it.

My advice for making battered ears:

You can also cook it with pork ear, although the cooking time is different.

My recommendation:

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