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El Comidista, the dirtiest culinary blog on the web, which we like to visit every day to learn about recipes, various pots, unusual questions and everything that comes to mind. Mikel Lopez Iturriaga, “Comedians, is a blog followed by thousands of people every day, which also explains how to make a “spicy cucumber with lime and feta”, which asks the president of Mercadona for a commitment to the local small food producer.

This is Mikel. A normal person who says – and sometimes does – normal and reasonable things. Oh, and this is from Bilbao.

El Comidista's pop kitchen

El Comidista’s pop kitchen“Well, as he explains well Mikel Lopez Iturriaga in his blog, “a kitchen that blends with pop culture. That is, it includes references to movies, television, music, fashion, books, design, advertising, celebrities, or current events. It is also an easy kitchen, direct, uncomplicated and in order to be accessible to everyone, like a priest. In short, this is the kind of cuisine I practice at El Comidista, in which I not only talk about culinary issues, but also connect food with the whole world, from which I admit to being addicted. “

Well, all this and some good moments that your reading will offer us is what we can find El Comidista’s pop kitchen. A book that Mikel Lopez Iturriaga will present next Monday, November 26 in Barcelona (Casa del Llibre Rambla Catalunya) and on Wednesday 28, in Madrid (Fnac Callao Forum), in which he had the invaluable collaboration of Ainhoa ​​Gomà (photos) and Danny Jimenez (illustrations).

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El Comidista's pop kitchen

If you don’t know what to give this Christmas, you already know, for a little more or less (depending on where you buy it) from 20 euros, I suggest “El Comidista’s pop kitchen”. Surely the one who received it, and Mikel himself, will thank you.

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El Comidista’s pop kitchen

Pop cuisine is the latest invention of El Comidista, one of the most popular gastronomic blogs in Spain. It is pop because it connects food with cinema, music, television, fashion or advertising. It’s also pop because the recipes are as easy and clear as a Ramones song or an episode of Game of Thrones. This book brings together the specific universe of the blog and expands it with photos and new sections such as “Oldies”, “Series View Menus” or recipes from invited artists. He also updates his misleading interviews with old dishes and chooses the best of the strangest culinary practice “Aló, Comidista”. Mikel López Iturriaga practices a certain “corporate cuisine” that combines delicious recipes and somewhat disrespectful practical advice. The main thing to enjoy food is not to invest a lot of time or money in expensive ingredients or absurd complex preparations. You just have to want to have fun … and a book like this.

Written by: Mikel Lopez Iturriaga


ISBN: 9788401346538

Available in:E-bookPocket book


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