Platea Madrid is a gourmet space for gastronomic entertainment

In case you haven’t heard Platea Madrid We will tell you the basics of this spectacular new gastronomic space for relaxation, located in the center of the capital.

Born in the old Carlos III cinema, Platea Madrid aims to offer excellent, affordable gastronomy in a dynamic, fun space.

And the truth is that no resources have been saved: an investment of 60 million euros, an area of ​​5,800 square meters with a capacity for 1,183 people and a great location in the central Plaza de Colon.

Starting with Marcos Moran, Paco Ronsero and Pepe Sola are responsible for the five gastronomic spaces called Synergies. La Batea, Castizo and A Mordisco, with a philosophy of informal food and a special nod to tapas. Entrecortes and De Cuchara, focused on traditional stews and traditional cuisine.

Platea Madrid is a gourmet space for gastronomic entertainment

The two Michelin stars Ramon Freix, there is an Arriba restaurant with bistro air, located on the first floor of Platea. He stands out with his meticulously selected product, surprising offers and the technical virtuosity of chef Igualada.

To complement the gastronomic offer, Platea has a Mexican restaurant (Besos de Sal) run by Rafael Sánchez, an Italian restaurant (Fortino) run by Ranieri Casalini, a Peruvian restaurant (Kinua) by Kiko Zeballos and the best version of the Japanese kitchen (Shikku) with Rafael Sanchez.

Note that the sweet part is responsible for Mama Framboaz, by chef Alejandro Montes.

Platea Madrid is a gourmet space for gastronomic entertainment

Furthermore, Platea Madrid It offers cooking shows, culinary workshops, tastings, beer, emergency work, gourmet shop, live music, performing arts, aerial dancing, micro theater, cabaret and more.

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A whole range of free time and gastronomy that makes it irresistible for everyone who loves to cook. You know, if you go through Madrid, reserve a place to visit Orchestra, it certainly surprises you.

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Spaces in Platea Madrid


  • CASTIZO: croquettes, fried foods, potatoes and omelets
  • GOLD GOURMET: fresh products, canned food and wines
  • COOKING: kitchen utensils
  • SHOP DA2: merchandising
  • BARRA ESTRELLA DAMM: beer bar theme
  • CONCLUSION: sandwiches, toasts, salads, skewers and empanadas
  • HAM-ON: ham, sausages and cheese
  • El PATIO: Cocktail bar
  • VERMOUT TIME: pickles and dried fruits
  • LA BATEA: oysters and octopus
  • ALPHABIA: flowers


  • MAMÁ FRAMBOISE (Above Mamá Framboise) area for workshops and private dining


  • ENTERTAINMENT: chickens, ribs, dogs and burgers
  • EL FOSO: Cocktail bar
  • DE CUCACHARA: soups, creams, stews, rice, legumes and vegetables.
  • SALT KISSES: Mexican
  • KINUA: Peruvian
  • SHIKKU: Japanese
  • FORTINO: Italian


  • ABOVE: Ramon Freix’s restaurant




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