Pinon Days at La Botica de Matapozuelos


As every summer, for several centuries the pioneers of Tierra de Pinares took advantage of the heat to scatter the pineapples in the threshing floors and let the sun open them with the intention of obtaining from them White Piñón, an exquisite product to which they are. colloquially known as “Caviar de Castilla”.

Fish sea fish (Our version of the classics of the area) -2010
Sea fish (Our version of the classics from the area)

With these pine nuts and the occasional green pineapple, chef Miguel Ángel de la Cruz organizes the August months at La Botica de Matapozuelos (Valladolid) for a few years.Pineapple days Pignon and Albar“.

At the beginning of the year, we were able to see “live and live” at the Madrid International Fusion Gastronomy Meeting the work that Miguel Angel de la Cruz is doing with the pineapples and pinions of Pinus Pinea. A tree that de La Cruz, like a pig, takes advantage of. From the peel to the green pineapple through its seeds, cedar nuts, in all their states, milk, sprouts, roasted, etc.

A few days ago we attended La Botica Restaurant to Try Their Tasting Menu at Pinion Days 2010. A different, bold and well-established proposal, in which Miguel Angel de La Cruz shows the best dishes he has prepared in all these years, which he has explored the culinary possibilities of pineapple and pineapple.

Roasted duck breast, with sour juice, bread from cedar nuts and air Perpetua, tender leaves of small pimpernel-2010
Roast duck breast, with sour juice, cedar nut bread and Perpetua air, tender leaves from Minor Pimpernel-2010

To start three starters in one: “Vermouth made with wine from our vintage and various forest plants“,”Pigeon mousse with a garnish of green pineapple and a thousand on a wild branch“and”Mini muffins of pine root and roasted chicory root”. Three suggestions that complement each other perfectly. Emphasize the fluffiness of pigeon mousse and the refreshing and distinctive aroma of vermouth.

Then, without a doubt, the best dish on the menu: “Tomatoes frozen with limestone soil, pesto, fried crumbs and tender leaves of Alliaria de rio”. Taste, texture, technique and patience, a lot of patience is what Miguel Angel presents in this proposal. Flawless.

It is followed very carefully, in quality and taste, by “White cedar garlic Pedrajas, pickled sardines with anise leaves and grape pulp”. A plate full of nuances and different flavors, which although the marinated sardines did not like in the middle of the table (there were four of us), turned out to be a big surprise.

The famous “Craft pine nuts black cappuccino pudding and rustic bread mousseIt was the next dish on the tasting menu. As always, the aroma and texture of the proposal, from which De la Cruz drew much satisfaction.

Our version of sea fish fillet dipped in peas“Was it the fish dish?” A proposal different from what is usually made in the area where the tear peas gave a different point.

To change from fish to meat sorbet with a peculiar name: “On green pineapple, its juice from Granizado”. Astringency, strange grimaces on the face, astringency, taste, more tightness, satisfaction … This is the feeling when you take it, spoon by spoon, the taste of green pineapple.

We continue this journey with aromas of the pine forest with “Roasted duck breast, with sour juice, cedar nut bread and Perpetua air, tender pimpernel leaves”. A plate with opposite flavors (the air of the eternal is unique) that harmonize perfectly with each other. As a curious fact, the waiter garnished this dish, on the spot in front of the watchful eye of dinner, with freshly grated green pineapple.

Concluding this tasting dedicated to the taste of pine forests, “Sheep’s milk curd, green pineapple curd and elderberry jelly“A special dessert with a special taste that leaves no one indifferent, the sensations experienced in each spoon cannot be explained …

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Another of La Botica’s “leading ships” is “Piñones y Pinares, Tribute to the Pine Forest 2007”. Foam from cedar nuts, sands from various pastries (cedar nuts, pine bark, rosemary, etc.), Ice cream green pineapple and various herbs. Unforgettable.

To complete the menu and accompany the coffee, some “Little four“in the form of Caramelized cedar nuts,, Roasted milk from cedar nuts,, Green pineapple shingles and God.

As a final “dessert” to improve digestion, we take a Gin and green pineapple tonic that, as you can imagine, instead of having a lemon or a cucumber, it is flavored with a slice of green pineapple. Very good and with a fresh aftertaste of pine forest.

No doubt, Pignon Hill Days 2010 They are more than recommended and know more about the work done and research Michelangelo of the Cross in each of the dishes that make it up.
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La Botica de Matapozuelos restaurant

Tasting menu Jornadas del Piñón 2010: 47 euros (including VAT)
Plaza Mayor, 2. Matapozuelos (Valladolid).
Phone for reservations: 983 83 29 42


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