Pineapple with condensed milk


Pineapple with condensed milk

Pineapple with condensed milk

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8 servings


How to make pineapple and condensed milk. Today in the Family Kitchen with Javier Romero we have a recipe for a T-shirt with soft and refreshing flavors, which can be useful at this time when the heat is tightening. I will teach you how to make pineapple with condensed milk and a priori, the refreshing thing may sound strange. Condensed milk is sweet and filling, yes. But the acidity of pineapple acts as a contrast and has a very balanced taste and even the acidity of pineapple stands out a little more, so it is a great dessert if we put it in the fridge for a few hours. In addition, it can be a great dessert for a birthday or as a culmination of one of these family dishes that are made in the summer in country houses. Imagine this flank after a good barbecue with the family, I can’t think of anything better.

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We start by placing all the ingredients except the caramel in a deep bowl. Now we go through everything with the blender to get a homogeneous mixture.

    Step 1 of Pineapple Flan with condensed milk

Once the mixture is ready, we will put plenty of liquid caramel at the bottom of the form and carefully pour the mixture inside.

    Step 2 of Pineapple Flan with condensed milk

We turn on the oven at 180ºC with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan, at the bottom we put a tray with water to prepare baini-marie. It should be large enough to fit the shape of the flank and the water to reach half. When it is hot, put the form with the flange in the water tray. Baking time will be approximately 75 minutes.

    Step 3 of Pineapple Flan with condensed milk

After this time, to check if the grill is ready, we will prick it with a needle and if it comes out clean, we can take it out of the oven. We will let it cool completely before we take it out of the mold.

    Step 4 of Pineapple Flan with condensed milk

In a few hours in the fridge we will be able to enjoy our delicious pineapple flange with condensed milk. And that’s it, friends, we finished our recipe for the day. I hope you will prepare it very soon in your respective homes and tell me the result on social networks. I say goodbye now, tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

    Step 5 of Pineapple Flan with condensed milk



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