Physalis is a good and healthy exotic fruit


Physalis, uvilla, alquequenje, aguaymanto, wild tomato or tomato (Physalis peruviana L.), is the fruit of the gooseberry. Passover family shrub, which has similar characteristics to potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco.


The Physalis This is a type of fruit that is characterized by being small, round, fleshy, yellow and sweet berry, which can be between 1’25 and 2 cm in diameter. With the peculiarity of being covered by a basket formed by five sepals It protects you from insects, birds, pathogens and extreme weather conditions.

This is a fruit born in South America, which is known in Europe since the time of Christopher Columbus. It is currently grown in areas of countries with warm temperatures, including southern Spain.


Due to its “exotic” presence and its excellent nutritional qualities (high in fiber, vitamins A, B and C, iron, rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron and phosphorus), it is a fruit that has conquered the markets of almost everything in the world.

It is ideal to take on its own, canned food, jams and all kinds of culinary preparations, although I’m sure you found it only as a “simple” decorative element in desserts, cakes or ice cream.

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They are usually presented in small baskets, with about 40 physalis each approximately and if you haven’t tried it yet or haven’t used it in your kitchen, feel free to do so and tell us about the experience.


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