Peru by Gaston Akurio: The culture and recipes of this great country


“Peru”, the new cookbook by Gaston Akurio, composed of more than 500 recipes that reflect the culture and rich gastronomy of this Andean country and which are selected and grouped by the chef to the delight of all. Traditional recipes of Gastón Acurio from authentic Peruvian cuisine.

As Ferran Adria predicted in his day, Peruvian cuisine is positioned as one of the most important cuisines in the world. Cities like London, Madrid, New York, Barcelona and many more have more and more Peruvian restaurants, as well as a growing interest in buying Peruvian ingredients.

This interest in Peruvian gastronomy is not sudden, but rather due to the great work done by one of the most important people in Peru What’s up Gaston Akurio.

Considered one of the most influential people in world cuisine, Gaston Akurio is a celebrity in his country and is responsible for promoting traditional Peruvian cuisine around the world.

Peru - Gastón acurio recipe book

Part of this food is what we will find in cookbook “Peru” by Gaston Akurio. A cookbook that includes more than 500 recipes that reflect the culture and rich gastronomy of this country and which are grouped into different categories such as: “Ceviches”, “Appetizers”, “Street food”, “soups, broths and lollipops”, ” Rice, aguadito, shaufa and taku takus “,” Peppers, stews, french fries and other dishes “,” Desserts and pastries “,” drinks “,” Basic preparations “,” Spices “,” Dictionary “and” Index “.

Categories divided by dishes and recipes, as well as by colors. Bright, fresh, cheerful colors, much or more like those of Peruvian cuisine, which, although recently the most sought after, must be remembered that it has a thousand-year history.

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Peru by Gaston Akurio - recipes for ceviche

Recipes for ceviche, tiraditos, beans, corn, recipes based on corn, anticuchos, empanadas, countless versions of the famous “Lecce de Tiger” and more. Throughout the book, the Peruvian chef presents us, through a set of ingredients from Peruvian cuisine, a recipe book, which is composed of current recipes made with ancient techniques.

That’s right “Peru“, a new book by Gaston Akurior. More than 500 recipes prepared with a huge variety of ingredients, textures and flavors that are mixed for the pleasure of dinner.


500 recipes from traditional Peruvian cuisine through one of its best ambassadors. A journey through the Peruvian gastronomic universe.

Written by: Gaston Akurio

Published by: Faydon

ISBN: 9780714870045


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