Perotas Soup Day in Alora (Málaga)

As is traditional, on the first Saturday of October, ie tomorrow the 4th, the Day of Soups from Perotas is celebrated in Alora (Malaga).

A gastronomic event that attracts the attention of anyone who does not know very well the meaning of this “Perotas soup day“.

For the residents of the city of Malaga in Alora it’s all a party and more. On this day, we remember the workers who worked in the fields in the past, the day laborers and the women who spent the whole day in the fields. All of them, without distinction, made good use of this quick, easy and cheap recipe to replenish the energy expended during the day and keep working.

The Soups from PerotasThey are mainly processed vegetables with french fries and migado bread, which is eaten accompanied by fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits (cucumbers, peppers, onions, oranges, grapes, pomegranates, etc.), from Vega del Guadalhorce.

Throughout the day you can enjoy a market with typical products of the area, as well as perform “The Tapa route“Through the various bars and restaurants in the city.

To try “Soups from Perotas“As in previous editions, you will have to go to Baja de La Despedía, the area with the most taste and bustle in the city of Alora.

Curious party to attend, we only need a spoon, because “Soups from PerotasThe city of Alora gives it to us.

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