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Pepsico announced long ago that he wants to do makeup on all his products.

In it, Pepsico, the world’s second-largest soft drink company, plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, as the change will not only be for bottles and cans with all its drinks, but they will also change vending machines, work uniforms and all advertising. who have all over the world.

The change is remarkable. They left behind the old and “serious” logo to replace it with a more modern one, which avoids half a smile. The font printed on the packaging has also undergone radical changes from bold capital letters to very thin, older characters.

The change is expected to take place later this year or at most in the middle of next year, for now, if you want to see more photos, visit Flickr’s Pepsico gallery and you can see it below.

What do you think about changing Pepsi?

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