Pears in white wine with raisins


Pears in white wine with raisins

Pears in white wine with raisins

180 ‘

4 servings


190 kcal

How to make pears in white wine with raisins. This homemade dessert is very special to me for several reasons. On the one hand, there is the fact that this is a dessert that I prepared a lot in my days as a catering entrepreneur. I did a favor at a winery in the town where I live, and the red wine pears were the star dessert on my menu. Over time, I tried the white wine version and liked it so much that I gave it to customers to choose from. I didn’t put the raisins in the beginning either, but that’s one of the things you try to think that they can go well and are really successful (although it doesn’t always happen).

The other reason this recipe for pears in white wine is special to me is because of the product I use: Rincón de Soto PDO Conference Pear. The conference pear is perfect for this dessert, as long as it is in a state of maturity. The hardness and density of the pear favor the absorption of the taste of the wine for a long time, which leads to one wonderful bite after another. And so on until the pear is done.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We prepare the pears and the casserole to prepare them

We will start by peeling the pears without removing the stem. Then in a casserole with a certain depth (if possible with a size in which all the pears fit on the bottom without leaving much space), we will put the sugar, cinnamon and a splash of white wine.

We prepare the pears and the casserole to prepare them

2 – Add the wine

We will stir a little so that the sugar integrates with the wine and we will wait for it to brown a little while we continue to stir (until it becomes a very light caramel).

We add the wine

3 – We put the pears

At this point we will add more wine so that the caramel does not continue to be made and we will put the pears. Then we will cover them with wine until only a small part of the pear is visible above the surface of the liquid.

We put the pears

4 – We check all the details before covering the casserole

Now we have to let the wine warm up and leave the casserole uncovered for the first 5 minutes after it starts to boil, as this is the time when the alcohol in the white wine will evaporate. From there we will reduce the heat to medium low intensity, cover the casserole almost completely and cook for approximately 3 hours.

We check all the details before covering the casserole

5 – We turn the pears from time to time

From time to time you should turn the pears with a wooden spoon so as not to break them. You should also be careful with the fire so that the wine does not shrink too much and remains a viscous and thick broth.

We turn the pears on everyone so often

6 – Almost at the end we add the raisins

When the pears are almost done cooking, add the raisins and dip them carefully. By the time the pears are done cooking and cooled completely after removing them from the heat, the raisins will be hydrated, leaving a real burst of flavor when eaten later.

Almost at the end we add the raisins

7 – We serve and enjoy

And that’s all, friends, as long as the pears in the raisin wine are cold, we just have to serve them on a plate with a scoop of yogurt ice cream with berries to enjoy a great dessert. I hope you prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. This way I will see that you have prepared one of my recipes and I will be very happy.

We serve and enjoy



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