Pasta with chorizo

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Pasta with chorizo

30 ‘

4 servings


370 kcal

How to make pasta and chorizo

Today we have pasta with chorizo ​​and tomato. One of those pasta recipes that you see in the daily menus of virtually every restaurant in Spain at one time or another. In addition, pasta and chorizo ​​are loved by children, so they are always a safe option when preparing the menu of daily meals of the week. They are very easy to prepare and for this reason it is usually one of the first things we learn to cook when we are young. Then, of course, there are ways and means to do them, because experience is a degree. Over time, you learn to cook pasta better, not fry the chorizo ​​too much, and find the tomato sauce we like best. In this case, I used the tomato sauce Conservas Hida, which I really like its taste and how it mixes with the fat of the chorizo.

There is no doubt that most of the pasta recipes in the world come from Italian cuisine, but this happens as with everything. You take an extremely flexible product like pasta and, depending on where you are, eat them one way or another. I am convinced that chorizo ​​is something that has started to be made in Spain and that it will happen in many parts of the world, including Italy itself.

Tips for making pasta with chorizo

1. It is very important to get the cooking point of the pasta. When in doubt, follow the time recommended by the manufacturer, although these times are taken with the appropriate amount of water, heat and salt. This is not always the case at home, so I recommend taking pasta in a few minutes and cutting it with a fork. If you resist a little, I would say that you can now take out the casserole and drain the pasta.

2. Do not fry the chorizo ​​because it will be very difficult.

3. Do not put salt in the water for cooking pasta before boiling “cocks”.

4. Try to eat freshly prepared pasta and chorizo ​​so that the pasta does not pass and the sauce does not stay dry.

Ingredients for 4 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We cook the pasta

We start the preparation of these pasta and chorizo, at the same time putting a pan with a lot of water to boil and a pan with a nice drop of olive oil on the fire. When the water in the pot boils, add a handful of salt and pasta. They will cook for the time recommended by the manufacturer.

We cook the pasta

2 – Prepare the chorizo

When the oil in the pan is hot, add the chorizo, cut into half slices, and cook for a few minutes to release the fat.

We cook the chorizo

3 – Add the sauce

When the chorizo ​​is fried, add the fried tomato sauce and cook so that it reduces a little and enhances the taste.

Add the sauce

4 – Add the boiled egg to the sauce

Then peel the boiled eggs, wash them a little and cut them into small pieces to add to the casserole later.

Add the boiled egg to the sauce

5 – Put the cooked pasta and add the cheese

In which the pasta is made, drain them and either add them to the meat pan, or return them to the casserole and put the sauce on top. In any case, you need to add the grated cheese and stir so that it mixes and melts.

Add the cooked pasta and add the cheese

6 – We just have to enjoy it

And that’s friends. We finished our pasta and chorizo. I hope you prepare them very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see that you have made one of my recipes and I will be very happy.

Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

We just have to enjoy it


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