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Passion for the cocktail Alicia

Manuel Jiménez López from Al-Jaima de Badajoz Pub, winner of the VIII edition of the illy Cocktail Competition gives us the ingredients to prepare Passion for Alicia it is a merger of two worlds: Brazil and Ethiopia. From Brazil we take Cachaça and Zumo de Lima. From Ethiopia, the aromas of Habatonka and floral notes.


  • 2.5 cl coffee
  • 1 cl from Cachaça Velho Varreiro
  • 1.5 cl jasmine syrup
  • 0.5 cl Tonka bean syrup
  • 0.5 cl lime juice


  1. The coffee is added to a shaker to cool, and later all the ingredients are added to a mixing cup.
  2. The “cocktail” is in a carved, hand-painted glass. The arrangement of the Cards, the broken cup, the golden sugar gives for many interpretations, such as art, depending on who is looking at it.


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