Participants in the Soria Mycological Stopper Week 2016

Creativity and haute cuisine have become a trademark of this Mycological Week Tapa, where 52 restaurants in the province of Soria, the versatility they have in the kitchen, whether sweet or salty, mushrooms and mushrooms.

Mycological yogurt

It is a pleasure to see how the rains and cold gradually take over the autumn. An unequivocal sign that one of the most anticipated products for this season will soon appear in the kitchens: mushrooms and mushrooms.

And if we have to talk about the region where they most pamper and care for this product, it will be the province of Soria, whose capital pays homage to mushrooms and mushrooms, organizing the Mycological Congress “Soria Gastronómica” and “Mycological week Tapa“We are talking about today, and which will take place from 21 to 30 October 2016.

Creativity and haute cuisine have become a home brand of this “Mycological Clog Week” (organized by ASOHTUR -Associación de Hosteleros de Soria-) and which has in this, its ninth edition, with the participation of 52 restaurants (45 in the capital and 7 in the countryside: 2 from Diamond, 2 from El Burgo de Osma, one from Los Vilares, one from Berlanga de Duero and another from San Felice), which will once again demonstrate their flexibility in the kitchen, whether sweet or salty, mushrooms and mushrooms .

Among the various suggestions we can try in IX Week of the mycological plug of soria we find developments that are so impressive, such as “Mycological yoghurt”, “Dried mushroom” (marinated mushroom cocktail), “Branda de Boletus and Granada”, “Caprijoso squid”, “Boletus Empanadila with apple cream” or “Vieira con Trigo Mellow and black trumpet cream. All of them at a price of € 1.80.

Dried mushroom
“Dry mushroom”

Some of these chefs do not hesitate to take advantage of the culinary tradition in more distant places, so in this gastronomic tour we will come across tapas, such as fox gnocchi in citrus sauce with a tile of truffles Oncala cheese, crispy ravioli with neighborhood cream , Mushroom strudel with parmesan and pesto, black pudding Mackie, stuffed with a boot with tomato jam or chicken.

There are authentic tapas that are art, they are real setter delicacies where there will be no shortage of mushrooms, trumpets of death, chanterelles, thistle mushrooms, senterils, foxes or perrets.

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Of all the tapas participants in the IX week of the mycological plug of Soria “Best Provincial Mycological Coverage”, “Most Popular Mycological Coverage”, “Best Mediterranean Mycological Coverage” and “Best Quality of Service” will be selected.

The last prize will not be for the cover itself, but rather for the professionals who serve it.
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List of participants in Soria Mycological Stopper Week 2016:

  1. Alcores Restaurant Bar: Brandada de Boletus and Granada
  2. Hotel Alfonso VIII: Black poppy pudding stuffed with blueberries with tomato jam
  3. Parador de Turismo Antonio Machado: Mushrooms through a pipe
  4. Bar Apollonia: Poetry in the palate
  5. Hotel restaurant Cadosa: Tortilla Cadosa
  6. Hotel Campos de Castilla’s Restaurant: Mushroom strudel with parmesan and pesto
  7. Capote Tavern: Tosta Capote
  8. Casa Arévalo Restaurant Bar: Mycological sensations
  9. Garrido Bar & Restaurant: Chipirón Caprichoso
  10. Casa Toño Restaurant Bar: Carlos Lasagna with beef fillet
  11. Bar Tavern Cascante: Land and sea
  12. Bar Restaurant Cazuelas, Tapas and… Olé: Empanada Numantina
  13. Sercotel Ciudad de Soria: Mouse with berries
  14. Don Quijote Restaurant Bar: Canutillo de Mushrooms with Pedro Simenes and Almond Powder
  15. ECUS Grill Bar Restaurant: Boletus breeze with a rain of truffles
  16. Cafe-bar El 87: Pastelotus
  17. Bar Restaurant El 87 Dos: Rotoño
  18. El Alto de la Dehesa Bar & Restaurant – Casa Manolo: Mushroom with hake and crispy Iberian ham
  19. Bar El Café del Rosel: Quinoa Bar with a variety of mushrooms
  20. Bar Restaurant El Cerdito Feliz: Comfortable croquettes with mushroom cream and truffle Nueba with hams
  21. El Corzo Bar & Restaurant at Leonor Centro Hotel: chanterelle gnocchi in citrus sauce with a plate of truffles Oncala cheese
  22. El Portillo Restaurant Bar: Fallen Trunk
  23. El Templo Brewery Restaurant: Cocotte
  24. El Ventorro Bar Restaurant: Baby squid with blueberries and a shot of chanterelles and chestnuts
  25. Fogón del Salvador Bar & Restaurant: Mycological yoghurt
  26. Garoa Bar Restaurant: Vertical lasagna
  27. Bar Restaurant Iruña Plaza: Fever with mushroom and pea cream
  28. La Candela Restaurant: Tapasana
  29. Bar restaurant La Cepa: sea and land
  30. La Chistera Restaurant Bar: Cruz de Campo Micológica
  31. Bar Restaurant La Crepería de Lilot: Rain
  32. Bar La Mejillonera: Milka Micológica
  33. La Posada Hostel Restaurant: Breakfast of duck and mushrooms with mustard
  34. Café Bar + Que Bread: Boletus Empanadilla with apple cream
  35. Potato Strip: Dry Boot (Sour Mushroom Cocktail)
  36. Piscis Bar Restaurant: Pulposoria
  37. Café Bar Plaza: Bocados de Tierra
  38. Cervecería San Francisco: Salty mycological ravioli with foam cheese and crispy nuts
  39. Bar restaurant Santo Domingo II: Salty mycological flan with foam cheese and crispy nuts
  40. Cafe Bar Restaurant Soto Playa: Alborada on the shores of Duero
  41. Termancia Restaurant Bar: Yermo y Vega
  42. Tiffany’s Cafe: Landscape in October
  43. Torcuato Brewery: Between smoke and vinegar
  44. Trashumante Restaurant: Trashu-burguer
  45. Trisquel Restaurant: Autumn Stew
  46. Hotel Restaurant Antonio: Kostrada
  47. Hotel Villa de Almazán: The tree of the villa
  48. Casa Vallecas Bar & Restaurant: Mussels with honey wheat and black trumpet cream
  49. Thermo Hotel Burgo de Osma: Squid stuffed with blueberries, tube and sour arandonos sauce
  50. Rural Los Villares Hotel: Fine bite with mango ketchup
  51. Hotel restaurant Las Abadías: Croquetas de Migueles


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